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Last week, we had the series finale of veep last night. The big bang theory wrapped up rather, well, by all accounts. I think I was looking at the press this morning. Yeah. Fans and critics alike seem to like it. Now, the biggest one of all this month is happening on Sunday. The wrap up of the game of thrones on HBO and dawn. Take it away. Some fun facts. Fun facts, three here that might just make people laugh of this isn't going to spoil anything. But if you watch the show, you know, that you hate a guy named you're on great joy, how can anybody like him. He just showed up on the scene. You know this last season, and into this one just to recap EQ. He is basically took over the throne the iron islands, which is the great joy family just showed up, he was off gallivanting his whole life, and then just took it away from theon in his sister. So he is a villain on the show. So I found this little tidbit that the actor who? Who is on the show and actually this last episode had a big fight with Jamie, Lancaster if you remember. Oh, yeah. Yep. Won't say anything more about that, but he actually in real life was Jamie Lancaster's family nanny. So you're on grey joy used to watch Jamie Lancaster's kids. Yes, he was. He was his Manny. Yeah. I wonder if that helped him get the role. I mean, maybe. Yeah. So anyway, this kind of a weird little tidbit there and they obviously, on the show, don't like each other. But, you know, in real life, they're pretty good friends say, Manny. Wow. That is a fun fact isn't it? Wow. Okay. Another fun. Okay, another fun. Fact, is that Searcy Lancaster? She, of course we all another villain on the show that her, she never appeared on screen with the character. Braun. If you remember. Okay, Braun is sort of a vagabond. He helps Tyrian Lancaster escape and was just sort of a character that, either you like him, but you also hate him at times. Yeah, they were real life, a real life couple for years, so Searcy and Braun. And they actually hate each other, and they have never appeared on screen together because of this. Yes. Yes. Yes. So they dated before game of thrones then. Yeah, exactly. Whole. Okay. It's like Juliana Margulis and. Oh, what was her name on the good wife? Yes. Oh, she played oh my goodness. Oh, yeah. They hated each other. Yes. Okay. And then my third fun. Fact that you probably already know, but it sort of goes with this theory that things are rushed in the, the end of this series, always talking about this yesterday that the creators, David benef-, and db Weiss, the show runners behind the show. The reason why the series is rushed, and it's we're not getting all the episodes is because they want to move on. It was announced in February by Lucasfilm that they have hired those two creators to do the Star Wars, spin off, so they are they're making Star Wars films, and they're done with game of thrones. They wanna move on and do the three films that they have been commissioned to make so. That's why they're like they don't want to do the series. They wanted to end it in a lot of the, the actors are like, well, I wish my wish this could have gone on longer a lot of people, George Martin, as expressed that he wanted more of the story in. So that's the real reason. Why all of this is sloppy because they have already moved on to working on Star Wars. Oh. They're done with it. And they just don't really they're not putting their best effort into it..

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