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S. a. bird is implying. This is jason j. Louis the voice of superman on justice league actions and you're listening to krypton reports. Walk into the crypt on report. The all tony and podcast where we talk about anything relating superman supergirl crypt on dc comics in tv. Movies video games comics. I'm your host tyler. The superman blue the man of tomorrow on today's episode. We're going to focus on superman and lois. Season one episode fifteen last script on the season finale. And who better to talk the season finale with then the man himself the man of steel. The superman of read my brother in arms mr james cole. Welcome james how's it going man. You doing good settling in You know every now and then there's that one thing that pops up in the house like oh i'm going to take care of. This and kids started school when that was It was weird. Been my hope some. It's been a long last night. Think dreaming like this this piece and then you're like okay one's going to turn when the bomb looking legit right now with last eight or didn't even art as soup to work hard but in art it's a greatly greatly workout. I love traveling. Would just because it's like. It's a hard job thing. But you know it. Relieves stress fills good sweat feel like a million But arcs see what people notice james. Chopping wood is like that seen. In abraham lincoln vampire hunter we finally hits the tree and just you know once when he was asked cut in half james shopping would tom. Kelly pounding with best buyer active. Do that. But i mean it's crazy 'cause like we've both been really busy you try not to get behind on things but we have a lot of content. You know that's being created and it's coming up like from the comics in the shows like supergirl came back and it's just like man. We have a lot going on. It's good but just stuff talking about. I haven't even watched to air ever watched titan jets new episode because john watch it together and she's just been working late and You know kids can't watch it so now. Also i think edging a reading up watching about at i and jeez by thursday isn't bad when you go for rewatch no actually through Rewatch out there on the season. Two alley wasn't it wasn't or as i remembered it. I it's just the the editor it's the for a two year old episode of this podcast. I know yeah. I know that was like a big enter but as you're watching a. She's the one and she's the one spot. Nobody else was like staring at the thing falling. Now she's the only one. Didn't you know what i mean. She's the one who saw. She's the one bonded and intern. She got wasn't as bad as a teen. Everybody which was the biggest yampa haven't seen it at at spectacular. We all interstate. We off you just so at epsom. I rewatch so. Let's say there's not a whole lot of news but it's a couple little tidbits to get going here. The first one the injustice movie will be on blu. Ray and i think digital same day. I'm not sure. I just saw the blue released October twelfth tension big month for burt. Succeed yeah for dc area that that's coming out where yeah we have. Fandom have the smuggled box set superman. Lois the first season on blu ray which i'm gonna buy my physical and superman animated series on who ray yup and yoga. October is going to be a banner. Monk of play we at band up. I'm wondering that's our first trailer for black adam. Yeah that's i'm well they. They've been been careful back shop. Show it soup wake. They've said it's going to be different than yuck super soups ever.

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