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Stuff's free agent camps of minnesota. And that's when they gave us the ahead ahead. They wanted to bring us on for a summer league out minnesota so that was kind of a way for them to evaluate. Not just all players coaches. See how you work on the floor with the guys you know. Kind of put that system in john. Lucas was the coach at the time. So it was kinda neat have in our staff from iowa. They're part of the minnesota staff and then Teams bringing some foreign coaches getting a mix of those guys as well. It was really need so get into you. Know work with guys in minnesota during our training camp if you will before summer league and then you know being out there during practice in these guys in their journey. It was a lot of fun. It's huge obviously Getting back Before i had some familiarity coming back then do you want to do as an assistant coach. Alison incredible how that all kind of comes full circle near your back with the i awards and that at that point was the g. league. You've really sirnak get an introduction. Maybe the jewelry changed so much in that last year. I mean what was maybe the difference between what you experience dealing before that rolls aside and would you came back to win your with wolves just figures later. Say the biggest thing was. Obviously you know. I think how many teams i think it got to about twenty six twenty seven teams are only a couple of teams at the time. That didn't that weren't really affiliated. I know i know denver in portland was wine. 'cause our second year in iowa. We actually had a few players from denver with us when we had rain. Goodwin thomas welch. Who came with us. You know on during that time but also say just how close the teams operate with each other to me. I feel that the g. league now it's when people talk about the g. league in the nba. I don't really see him as a separate organization separate leagues because you have so many the same people working together so many players going back and forth now is essentially see the same organization..

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