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Um I would much prefer to see it go to a part of the country that would welcome it, and probably Archer Alexander, this freed slave who was heroic helped the Union Army. Was captured and re enslaved. Eso. There's quite a story there. There was a biography of him. Written by William Greenleaf. Elliot, who I'm sure was a New England writer, although I do not know him. Again do not know off him. So this this again, This memorial was funded by the wages of freed slaves. It began with a $5 contribution. By a former slave named Charlotte, Scott of Virginia, and the National Park Service reports that the statue was paid for By former slaves solely the inscription on the statue. In Washington. Is Freedom's memorial in grateful memory of Abraham Lincoln. Now it's tough for us to put ourselves back into the era of 18 76. In the years following the Civil war. The relief that a lot of people must have felt particularly slaves when the war was over, and they were afraid. We just celebrated Juneteenth juice on June 19th as I think all of us remember. Nor do I think we could remember. Or maybe some of us could remember what the feeling must have been toward Lincoln. Who was assassinated by John Wilkes Wilkes Booth, you know, while in a theater, Ford's Theatre in Washington, I think most of us know that history. And those of us who around for the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Remember the outpouring Of schools being named after John Kennedy, who in my opinion deserved every honor. That he received theirs. Their broad avenues in major cities across this country, named in the honor of President Kennedy and You cannot imagine. We cannot imagine what it must have been like in the 18 sixties late sixties after the war into the 18 seventies, and that's the historical context. Now the issue has been resolved. The Boston Arts Commission, an unelected group voted unanimously eight to nothing to remove the statue. I would have been happier. And I think that maybe Tori Bullock would have been even happier if there was some sort of a A ballot question on for residents of the city of Boston. We have about 657 100,000 people in Boston. 12,650 signatures would gather That's a lot of signatures, but it's a small fraction. Of the residents of Boston. And I think that I think this sets a dangerous precedent A ce far as I am concerned, and I think that it's almost an effort to to erase history or a race part of history. Or erase the context of history. So what I want to do is hear from you Won. Do you agree with the decision of the Arts Commission, The Boston Arts Commission, and I'm sure They know a lot more about art than I do. But I don't know that they know a lot more about history than I do in political science than I do. This has become a political issue. I think it's a dangerous political issue. Because the questions are course where does it stop? And then the question is whether or not you agreed That statute deserves to be moved out of Boston Put somewhere hidden. Or put in a museum. Whatever. Shooted since the since the relatives of Archer Alexander would like the statue at his grave site. What a tremendous honor for him. Why not? Why? Why not? Ah, and the other question is whether or not there should have been a city vote. Whether or not they should have been a plebiscite a ballot issue 617 to 5 for 10. 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 We will talk about this until nine o'clock. Congressman Joe Kennedy joins us after nine o'clock You could join us in the next 40 minutes. Die away. Coming back after this night side With Dan Ray. The news Watch never stops. W news Radio, 10 30 How long is this break to? You know, ladies, we're here at the Uptown Karate Club where we're about to witness an incredible display of well, it's hard not to call it anything, but it is plain stupidity. Right, buddy. Do you really wanna whack that pile of two by fours with the part of your body that you think with You know, there are easier ways to prove your that's her like I was saying, there are easier ways to prove you're a man. For instance, registering with selective service When you turn 18 shows that you're a man who's responsible and in charge of his life,.

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