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Underlined here josh newman caskey votes in support of this we have the josh newman eyes clay roane do you can you dig up the eyes because again he's a part of raising taxes one thing that happened is they wanna put that bond on the ballot in 2018 it's veterans affordable housing bond yes seal ding homes and jobs they wanted to collect real estate taxes you as we've been telling you a few of the homeless our veterans every every politician's says that because that's the shield they put up yeah it works on any criticism by front and center in the title of the initiative veterans are very small percentage of these trains it's mostly they're up unemployed young men drugs alcohol and severe mental illness those are the categories very few women and children and few veterans so so it's it's part it's part of the scam it's part of the racket let's hear him say i again many more times but we go through the tax gas tax uh cartel real estate day can't stop himself stacks increases i'd so we we look at it's going to be a week from monday when we had that judge hearing arguments again about trying to stop them from slowing down the recall of josh newman who still a chance we heard that we can get it on the ballot this year that gas tax by the may goes into effect november first by coming up next while they're here the truth about prints justice for prince is their movement and they want the world to know it prints was was murdered i think is what they're trying to tell us all right they were standing out purple umbrellas yesterday across the street from the station john again kfi debra mark has there's in la pd officer has been killed in an offduty motorcycle crash in porta ran police say officer john goes far ian tried to stop his bike when the driver of a honda sedan made a uturn in front of him on tampa avenue lapd captain andrew diamond says gaspari and had a wife and young daughter shocking as it would be for anybody who lost a loved one that's what we have here a weird no different than a family detective say the driver state at the scene last night and was very distraught kasparov and had been assigned to the.

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