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We're going to focus on. The Blake family says they won't leave Kenosha until the officer who shot him is indicted for NPR news. I'm Corinne Hess in Kenosha on again off again efforts by prosecutors to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns are off again for the moment a federal appeals court today blocking a New York prosecutor from obtaining trump's tax returns temporarily while the President's lawyers continue to fight his subpoena seeking them the three judge panel ruled after hearing brief arguments from both sides trump's lawyers at asked for a temporary stay while they appeal a lower court decision giving Manhattan Da. Cyrus. Vance Juniors offers access to the tax records hearing on trump's latest appeal is set for later this month. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the trump administration would like to see another bipartisan Krono virus relief measure NPR's Kelsey Snell reports Democrats and Republicans have been at an impasse over major aspects of an aid package. The Treasury Secretary says he believes more fiscal responses needed to help the economy recover. MNUCHIN, told members of the House Select Committee on the coronavirus crisis that he expects a strong recovery Baloney just say there are still areas of the economy. No fall to small businesses were our workers that it needs more help to recover. He says, the administration wants more payments to individuals expanded unemployment funds and to reopen applications for the paycheck protection program for. Small, Businesses Democrats argue that Republicans had been unwilling to negotiate Democrats say they offer to reduce their requests from three point two, trillion dollars to two trillion dollars but GOP negotiators have rejected that figure Kelsey SNELL NPR news Washington visions factories expanded at a faster pace last month the Institute for Supply Management Keep purchasing managers group says its manufacturing index climbed nearly two points in August two, fifty two and he reading above fifty two notes expansion in manufacturing while the level below that indicates contraction stocks gained ground on Wall Street today the Dow was up two hundred and fifteen points the Nasdaq rose one, hundred, sixty, four points you're listening to NPR. The federal government received thirty one reports of oil and chemical spills at are connected to Hurricane Laura that's according to the environmental. Protection Agency Patrick Band of New Orleans. Public radio has more. The reports were submitted to the coastguards National Response Centre which records monitors emergency spills that threaten public health such as oil and chemical spills or radiation emergencies in EPA, memo says two of the reports came. From the BIOLAB INC chemical plant in West Lake Louisiana, which caught fire and released chlorine gas into the air the fire force residents near the plant to shelter in place for more than a day another report involved a crude oil spill nearby Cameron parish from a storage tank. The National Response Centers Database provides some information on the other potential spills. The database lists more than two dozen calls from. Louisiana Energy and chemical companies the days following Hurricane Laura Texas which suffer damage as well. Also reported spills to the center during this time for NPR news I'm Patrick Madden in New Orleans or the governor onto Santa's announced plans to lift his State's ban on visiting nursing homes that ban is cut off access for family since mid. March in effort to protect vulnerable seniors from the coronavirus to. Santa. Says, he'll lift the ban on an executive order later today following recommendations..

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