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F. Yeah yeah you can't play a lot of that. The pool soup get shutdown. King magnetic call it in. So what we do bobby cologne on. Show shout romance. I do appreciate time in f- For dealing with the show and we need to get back to this Whoever got the ghetto snacks one hour. No the best one. We we talk about that one more time. Because i'm going to give away t shirt to all our creepers out there. Thank you so much for listening to this show. We appreciate you all the folks on audio show. Thank you so much especially shut out to w. f. l. x. in rochester new york on ninety four point five the blaze louisville kentucky. We appreciate you and also special. Shout out to our major sponsor. John cochran over there. Fm radio we appreciate you so much. distribute comedy network network. So today the shadows barbie cologne will be sponsored by good friend. John cochran fan radio. Thank you so much. We appreciate you guys for doing everything that you do for this show and help us pay. Bills snake haters have beat. You had beaten into submission micro meant we have no way to go in district nine. I told you each lunch will continue to eat you for the rest of the year. That's another subject. But to everyone in the room barbie folks in general just talking to you talking. Yeah okay cool about you your ghetto snacks early now. Talking about the shot and carrying on an hartson chapman. So we are. Has they pace right now. The show go get into from pays. No we going get into some sports too. Because i'm to mubarak riotous mariah this. This is trained to the cows. Come home i am. Yeah because when you do sports the next one. And then there's laws. And i guess superfan eric king call it in the mall. That's going to be exciting things. Better stars guys. Don't go away guys. don't go away. I dedicate the show today to princeton. Princeton hayes in here advocate to show the press pause. I'm going to have to keep my distance from printers and to the nba into the brooklyn. Nets go down and when they go down. Then as a true friend barbie cologne. I will show him some compassion. This often games but right now brooklyn right. Now is the enemy. But we're talk about that a minute now for the folks in the chat room. You want to show you some love. Keep the hearts coming in a chat room on a motivational monday motivated. Barbie says she's motivated and we here to hope that you guys are motivated today so we want to show you guys some love without you don in a chat room. Hey wait a heart attack. Hey what's tech let's go. Hey with tech related heart set. Hey with heart set with heart. Set the harsh. What hey wait heart set. Where the heart set. But wha- hey hey hey hey chat big win hearts wit heart said hey art set barbie. Let's go hey with hearts tried. Say hey win arts with sad hearts. Hey hey turn down for what we have Derek evans and the bill dan. Hey derek good morning. Shut up to allen swab mcallister. Good morning to you natalie. right is here. Hey gro you know my first time me natalie. Right to saturday. That was pretty cool. Diane aliens in the building in your say. Good morning to the queen because she is here to be sweetness basis in the building. What's up girl shutouts to tan your washington. Hey tanya showing you a mess. Wilson is here good morning to you. Veneta joy is in the building. What's up the show and be x. Hey girl See lilly is in the building. Hey charles the show and hayes. Jones is in the building. What's up girlfriend marquez. Missed one emoji. johnson is here. He marcus natalie. Turner is here. Hey natalie good morning to you. Shut out to dear jackson good morning. The era Prints bain just popped in hague wanting to welcome back brother. Yeah hold on. We need the young superstars in the bill. Did get all get all my my my young kings in and queensboro should chicago talking with my guy a nine richer. Good morning to you. Know there's going to be a superstar spray he is. He has power some last week at the stress factory. He looks like a freaking star rich. And happy for you man. Yeah but have you. Met him in all his glory. Now we got business together to see his glory. Yeah everybody's doing business with sean harvey everybody. Everybody connects sean. harvey down. reality is full. Everybody connects to sean. Harvey continue on facts. It's a fact that whatever show. It is what it is full backs. David jackson is here. Hey dairy it was good seeing you again on saturday. Yes sonia maria in the building. Good morning to you. Shut up to mike scott. Hey prentice cogs. Good one mr robinson. Hey terribly scattered in the building. What's up league morning to you. Congratulations on your dog. In second place in competition go hand little stop I didn't He's has he said wayne. You know what we. Who's the we would you run with dogs. They had to give it to web design and who the wayne state homes detail guy. What's going on. Hey fan. Radio john cochran. It's in the building. What's up fam- hangs of john. Younger nut is here. Hey y'all gonna shut out to julius. Geller shaw good morning to you W m dixon here. Hey cuz good morning in denver. Mathis is in the building and Benjamin ken lo is here. Hey benjamin good morning. I was just by the question. I think he is you. Are you ve injury. Please let us know. I think you are because the name does not sound familiar to me. And i'll lengthier goodman. I believe typing name. If that is not correct please call in to let me know. Because i try to pronounce people names correctly Both of you guys are new. I believe a welcome to the show. We appreciate you guys tuning in. Please share. Let us know. How did you hear about us. hugo l. bays is.

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