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I just wrote an article about the top ten every now and then i mean like for jan and i just read a thing about top ten side quests of all time one of those tennis from newco world oh yeah i really love new world because it was this ridiculously beautiful parody of disneyland it's laid out like disneyland feel somebody loved disneyland and made that thing and it's all this parody of coca cola culture and disney culture woven together all these great inside jokes and he spoilers ahead there's if you do everything and find all the hidden mickey's and there you do descend into a vault underneath underneath disneyland were walt disney's frozen head as waiting for you still alive it's great i really love nuclear new so that's my thought you may want to go back and plant got this thing whether we remember today we're recording the annual e three predictions episode of the games casting go patriot dot com slash kinda funny games for buck watch live is recorded or catching on patriot dot com slash kind of funny more or catch it for free on monday i don't wanna go too long here which i'm gonna read rob i'm gonna throw you on this one because i don't have an answer all right throw me rob michael rodent said dear kinda funny family my dream was to one day make my own video game but i don't know anything about game development would anyone out there have any suggestions as to where i can start books or websites thank you for your help if any of y'all wanna reach out to me you can contact me on twitter in do oh rob yeah there's i've made a few smoke games and i know a little bit about this most of them are are were done for fun or for contests for jan to were text adventures and other one was a sort of choose your own adventure twenty three great places to start i look at a program called twine t w i n e which is a very simple chooser on adventure thing with the scripting.

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