Developer, Five Hundred Twelve Gigabytes, One Hundred Thirty Dollars discussed on Genesis Communications Network


Yeah it's cool have you had a chance to look at the timer i'm looking here you get a portable sst or a mac like usb three four maybe one hundred thirty dollars or so that's for five hundred twelve gigabytes okay now that might be a really really good thing to buy if you want to beta test macro wes on a desktop mac without having to go through the bother of risking your internal drive if you only have one mac and at your mission critical mac having an external drive that you can install the beta on and read from there is a smart idea i mean we're talking early developer betas which means things are going to break even though people are really impressed with the performance of these betas things are going to break and you can't risk your primary machine that's earning you money with betas like that so so either different machine or get an extra analysis and put mojave their mortar com on the tech nine alive.

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