Senate, President Trump, Bernie Sanders discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 07-27-2017-071124


The attorney general probably can't be replaced in any practical way without causing a firestorm and his repeated criticism of them is is just occupying every bit of discussion that he he wants to have on anything so i believe that they've may have convinced them to to stand down on the attacks in the attorney general were really one after the other jeff sessions has so well liked a lot among his face and he's so respected in the senate that it seems amazing that this president with tweet again and again his disappointment for jeff sessions casey han what has been the reaction and especially with the grassley tweet to the president's treatment of his attorney general jeff sessions well i never thought i would get to a point where i could ask a democrat about sessions and they might defend him but that's what happened yesterday i ran into bernie sanders and he said look i didn't vote for jeff sessions but this is a a crisis and i think more significantly also republicans are defending him across the board and and privately saying look there's just no way that we have any interest in confirming another attorney general if the president ousts jeff sessions and tweet from chuck grassley grassley has shown a real willingness to stick his finger in the white house is i he he sometimes gone back and forth but this is really kind of a definitive statement exercising the power as to say look no way and you know on this recess appointment question i mean we've been back and forth on that now for years the senate simply going to stay in session we know from democrats they're not going to let them go out of session.

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