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The ice on net were christopolous gives a toco packer who falls down catches an edge but gets it to harp harper has the proper air force pope loose from him poked loose from match harper and it came right in on christopolous who did a bellyflop on it in the blue lights and it was a good surged by air force they got the puck behind the net and air force has had trouble getting the puck in and setting up once they get set up they like to work that delo offense behind the net and they did a nice job with that once they do get in this zone this this face off to the right of christopolous got halfway through the hockey game 10 minutes left in the second falcons win the drop get sloppy turn it over to blue line for a quick that was real fitzgerald save by christopolous rebound swept in behind the air force net now confronting to pick it up deepa can't do it fitzgerald goes in with boji after a big collision on the far corner and the beaver come away with it over here on our side within his miles pitch gerald there is vials fitzgerald irs leo and there's a bird bitch gerald on the ice right now for the beavers boji from behind the net finds an open abboud abboud pitches at out there but sarah joy has a go through his legs it's loose near the but michie blue line and jerry fitzgerald skate down turns and goals turns at over at the air force blue line the boji boji chips it off the wall two baskin baskets pass was intercepted at the glue minor to steal territory has tired shoot save michael no rebound bob matt got the take away just inside the blue line fired a line drive that fits our gloved no rebound but that stop spray 9o nine left in the second tied at one apiece i'm jeff kenna ceo at macy's and i'd.

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