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Our job rigging the studio midway through the seventh inning at yankee stadium game number five of the american league championship series astros gotta get going with dallas guy go who is dominant in the game one victory seven scoreless striking out ted facing off with masahiro tanaka the bottom half of the second darling castro would reach based on a twoout double next batter the byrd man tool as well say bory fouls the right well why route scar starlet castro a law loud symbol were greg burdening exiled aboard each one nothing that would be the first ron allowed by go to the yankees in his postseason career fast four bottom three with brett gardner odd burst here comes the judge for water when i get a ground stick guided breakfast that doubt allotted to the corner got of it cloudera route third way stay just throw pereira judge what rv i got a little girl left milk corner really chatted up make that now ten rbis in his post season for the rookie coming off backtoback games of whole bronze eight to nothing lead at that point for the bombers forty nine pitches burkai go through the first three innings as for his counterpart in tanaka in a jab in the fifth astros threatening to with josh radic the blade the kick will want to sweat is sweater i cannot get pitches added the caveat astros leader cupport we go to the bottom of the clear headaches to dropping yankees seven scoreless manager joe girardi getting from tanaka tonight aides strikeouts just three it's allowed and the yankees offense relentless on the astros pitching adding another one in the of your warned swag id aboard claire route they're going to score they'll hold chat chuck fifth third said she has a big hurdle said quoted first bad erotic gary sanchez deliverance three it up they would add one more it's a four nothing lead for the yankees kyko done after four twothirds four ron's odds seven heads as we move to the bottom half of the sabbath aaron judge about to take to the plate for the yankees as we said it back to the.

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