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Machine. Through taylor like a machine that the other companies don't have this is like when the government signs a contract with like some sort of military industrial complex organization that charges them trillions of dollars to like basically come up with the blueprints for a wing or something like that and then they test the wing and it fails it would be so great if just like once a day the the the military was like sorry murder machines. Broken can't can't commit any murder sorry about that. I guess i guess guns do vale way more than movies lead us to believe it. Just it's wild to me. So here's the thing. Not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I back to the matrix thing i i. I don't care if we're living in a matrix in the simulation is this good. I don't care stars concerned the same things maybe rain. Besides the but the conspiracy theorist but i do know a little a little about business. And i know that businesses like to make money and i know that in america american businesses love money more than anything so the only in my theory. The only way that this could go on. Mcdonald's company notorious for cutting bad deals for the people involved in their in their spheres. Right the whole reason. Mcdonald's is a thing in general is because that one dude bought out the original mcdonald's and then tricked all of the franchisees into letting him own the land on which they built all their stuff so they could never like. It's pretty scummy. The history of mcdonald's franchise nation or whatever So the only way. I could see mcdonald's. Corporate being going along with this is if they accept this as a loss which then allows them to counter against their huge massive profits so that way they don't have to pay as much taxes. So here's the thing The repairs the repairs cost about one hundred and one hundred and forty one dollars with i thirty minutes and then three hundred fifty one dollars for every additional fifteen minutes that cost of repairs and upkeep comes out of their franchise owners as opposed to mcdonald's. Aha there it is. Okay so the so. Mcdonald's corp signed signing exclusively deal with this company for.

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