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For higher minimum wage as well as union rights the group joined by former gubernatorial candidate Abdul el-sayed was arrested shortly after an interview with w j greatly twelve is not enough. Look at how much it costs to live in a basic, basic. Access to healthcare. Does that? And so we gotta keep fighting congressional candidate Rashida to leave was also arrested during the event the two along with sixteen others were ticketed for disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, is a pickup that had several protesters at the sites of Tuesday mornings fight for fifteen protests in Flint with eight people sent off to the hospital. Michigan democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer was among those at the protest, but she was not injured. Here's her spokeswoman. Nicole Simmons lining up we were toward the front of the line. And for some reason the line, and there seemed to be a lot of controversy towards the end of the line. And we later learn that a truck had cut lighted in the back of the line. Unfortunately, police chief Tim Johnson says he doesn't believe the crash near fast food restaurant was intentional initially said four or five people had non-life threatening injuries. But later said that eight had been hospitalized that crash remains under investigation. WBZ news time. Two thirty five four members of a militant California based white supremacist group. The rise above moving a movement to have been arrested on charges of traveling to Charlottesville Virginia there to incite a riot. In counter protesters at a white nationalist rally that was held last August that turned deadly all are from California. US attorney for the western district of Virginia Thomas calling these folks were members of organized group engaging in criminal activity in multiple jurisdictions. And for that reason they raised to the top priority group is ram or rise above movement their affection for social media helped investigators both identify them in document allegations. Benjamin Drake daily Thomas. Walter Gillan, Colin white and Michael Thomas Ellis face up to ten years. Masella lost his job at Northrop Grumman after he was identified in a story by PBS frontline and propublica that same story led to the end of a Camp Lejeune marines career doors for CBS news Charlottesville. A judge.

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