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Rose like you name it to bench press floor press. You name it you can accomplish that with the kettle bell. Then you also have like you said the finishers building more that that anaerobic that strengthen Durrance that work past that requires you to or allows you rather to sustain those contractions those strong powerful contractions for prolonged period of time. So you see it's the real benefit is the fact that you can accomplish so much and so little time. But also accomplish every modality of fitness in one simple implement. That's why I really do call it. It's like a gym in your hand. Yeah. It you don't need all the different pieces of equipment. Yeah. If you if you like that, and that's part of your goal going through a hall of different machines, and all the different barbell movements in that works for you. Great. If you're Dale outs that fantastic. Most people don't now these days. Yeah. So if you are looking for something quick simple, an intense that will deliver regardless of you have a long period of time to train or very short window of time to train. That's what's making it. So attractive to so many people is absolutely fantastic. I mean that I think you covered it with that. Last those last few statements letting people see how versatile and no matter where you're starting. The there are movements for you. And and you're gonna get results if you're sticking with it, so well, it's fantastic. I I can always talk about cat about training because I've I've a real love for it and real respect for it. And and I know it gets results because I've seen people who are dynamic and really masterful with a keto bell. And they all have awesome physiques. I mean abs-. They're their their muscle their muscular. But not over must that natural. It's a natural. It's yeah, it's various statically pleasing. And so I can't say enough about them. But thank you so much for sitting down today, and and talking with us, and we'll try and get some YouTube video content. Maybe some good keto velvety O's made and people have to check those out. You just go to YouTube dot com for slash critical bench. You can also find Chandler on YouTube. What's what's your work? Can they find you go elite sees GO L? I T E S C and you'll find him on YouTube. And then what's your handle on scrim Coachman ler? Coachman lert. That's that's just an old nickname. Right. That's that's a college was earned. Yeah. But they can go on right now and watch you do a lot of these little videos in complex, plenty of teasers to give you an idea. Obviously what this. Program is going to be all about. Yeah. And ultimately give you an idea of how you kind of introduce a lot of the the different types of Kelly training into your own or Graham. That's fantastic. Yes for sure thanks again. Thank you listeners. Hope you enjoyed this. And and and go check this out met concepts Chandler, March men keto, bell conditioning, workouts, six minutes long, and they're gonna get you results. We'll see again soon my friend, thanks for stopping by. Thank you for listening and stay strong by design.

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