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Are at an impasse or you need some guidance ryan kiss fm dot com okay so do that now we have on kiss fm there's a new dj name dj ej ej the dj i feel like if his name was haege a he knew he had to become a dj is kind of like the dallas reigns as a little boy dallas raines who is on the abc station yet dallas knew he had to become a weatherman he couldn't beat dallas rainsy count no no no no no no no he couldn't be dallas rains the bus driver no he had to be douse reigns the weather guy just like egypt the details he gives me life and he did a dj cannot be dow's right now so he's coming to us from dallas and he grew up in jersey is clueless about our and we all i was when i moved here but we thought we'd we thought we'd educate him fast yeah but everybody's eyes when you first move to la you get an apartment very close the station the are you know very close buys he's just down the street oh he is is ian mile department now he's on him i think he took a lake off egypt's dj spending big bucks that's what i said i was under the power lines i verduga jay the dj i just if he's into luca lake already my gosh he's made it yeah bet you a ej the dj you haven't lived until you play pickup football under the power lines on the loser later my mother used always say she coming visit once in a balloons you'd say you don't play under those powders the big power lines the big ones but it looks so inviting because it's like all his grass now i want to pay attention to power lines look at all the patches of grass it's good so anyway we're gonna meet him later what's comeback in sixty seconds pay bill stick around minds back in sixty seconds oh really here are the sat bruno mars songs you've thumbed up number three saatchi on the floor vaughan vaughan this is she in the number to twenty four karat magic that split zone i did number one that's what i life.

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