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Pac twelve tv deal is not up until the twenty twenty three twenty twenty four all man so there so that's gaps going to get really big between the pac twelve and the other coffeehouses the big twelve tv deal which would be the other conceivable power conference the unlv could join that's not up until two thousand twenty four twenty twenty five so those tv deals normally that's what starts off conference lineman is we want to get new tv markets to get more money so conceivably while we feel that way and it seems it seems counter intuitive to think you would take that long if it all goes by television deals the big twelve in the pack twelve won't do anything for another six or seven years which would help you out a lot because if they're tier one by then that helps their case and getting into power conference a lot we do a sports show so neither of us are experts in this lynn jessop says twenty five at the time line for when they're gonna be tier one the medical school is underfunded and the dental school just had their major catastrophe with reusing was an implant like one hundred and eighteen times does that like set them back does that make you twenty thirty five by the time they're researched here what boy it's it's always a battle over at unlv for academic things happen so it's i mean there's other things involved in becoming a required besides you know the tier one academic side of it i mean it's you've got to have your programs have to wife show something that conferences or want you in the programs that they want are your your two main ones you football on your basketball yes now granted the other ones being good helps but if you have the top two they're not gonna look at you it's very far down the pecking order the golfing great task being great soccer being very far down the packing the country club sports as we'd like to call them if you ask unlv fans win is unlv going to join a power conference what do you think most of them say oh when the stadium opens yeah no i think that that's a that would be i'd say probably fifty to sixty percent of them yeah i once we get the.

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