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Own. Yeah. And of course, every single one of them. He emphasize. Yes. Yeah. Every one of them. I if I own no, no other stocks in my portfolio, and these are the ones I would have something you're quoting one of my seminars, by the way, just popped in my head. You've got a great memory. I wish I had your memory. Well, I didn't even remember that you used to have my. Okay. What were they they were down ninety four percent or something like that? Yeah. That one year. Yeah. That's right. That's not necessarily the fault. I mean, anybody could have guessed wrong. Well, the problem was that was the tech craze back and those technology stocks were on fire. And of course, you know, if you guess, right? And you sound like you're a genius if you guess wrong, you say, no, no. I didn't mean that. I didn't mean gluttony by them. I just meant these are the top ten stocks that I think look pretty attractive right now. If you've watched beast, two months later, I said, no, no no seldom now. They were good for two months. You missed the cells. One hundred and fifty bucks a month. And I would have given you the cell signal. But since you weren't part of my membership. You don't get it such a load of garbage. Anyway, we'll we'll talk more about this. I'm sure in the future. Let me tell you. What else is going on here mister Johnny dean. Yes. Investors may have a false sense of security. Do you know you were just yawning was boring. You know, it has to do with being up since three something. Me to call me on the Texas. The Texas did a survey of seven hundred and fifty individuals in the US, according to David Guintaras CEO of US and Canada in Texas, a decade of rising markets, low interest rates and subdued volatility have given investors unreasonable expectations and a false sense of security their research, of course, suggests this at least half of investors. They said said the long-term bull market bolstered their confidence that they're on track to reach long-term goals..

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