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Safety protocols. Visit Hard Rock casino Lake Tahoe dot com slash safety. Oh, my God. It's so amazing. Congrats! Hey, John. As you exit the stage this moment is entirely yours. You take it away, Brother. You guys have never had a chance to do this. So in 2013. I actually won battle of Texas and got a Private, one direction concert with my two daughters and their friends. And it was one of the most memorable experiences we will have. And by the way, you're speaking of Seacrest. We're standing the line next to Seacrest. He was only given away two tickets for girl had to choose between her daughters. So you guys air secrets secrets out. You guys are in I'm so confused on a few things there, But, yes, I absolutely loved the last part of what you said that. Yeah, Prices have really gone. That's when I noticed the prizes have gone downhill. A private concert with one direction. Good God. And now you're on the Christmas card list or something, You know? Yes. Yes, I want business. He wants a Christmas Christmas card. Give you the hose. 000 you got it. You your family around the valentine in mourning Family Christmas card list. Congratulations. Thank you. We got a chance for my daughter to dance with Harry styles. Tony George in the morning traffic, Tony what's going on? Well, the lanes are clear now in Burbank, five Freeway north outside, you're coming up on one of us said that hidden cry hit and run crashes off the freeway. But the driver's still tough from the 1 34, the South bound side still tough coming away from Lankershim. You can use the service streets as your alternates Glen Oaks or San Fernando Road could save you some time. But the 1 70 could help you out as well. Especially on the North bound side. There is road work on the South bound side. You'll see some minor delays their riverside because they have the right lane blocked off Tough drive on the 1 10 freeway. Both directions Right now North outside is heavy through south away from century that's going to stay so all the way to the one on one South bound side, so from the five about third Street, but then brake lights again from Adam's all the way out towards century. And the 1 10 Freeway South South bound sides yet again at the 91 over towards the four or five heading into Carson, Speaking of the 91 freeway, westbound side just before he gets a pioneer to car fender Bender made it to the shoulder. But you'll still see brake lights is you're coming up on Valley view. Traffic aboard is sponsored by cash in the can dot com Hey, auto dy wires. If your vehicle's a C isn't working, you're going to use a can of our 1 34 a auto refrigerant to recharge it before you do visit cash in the can dot com learn how to do it right. Get your deposit back.

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