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I mean. I just can't because there is there is the whole thing about. I don't think that some people get how much value there is in sharing information The the more contact points in that whole thing. You know it's like. I missed the whole bitcoin thing because it was over my head. Well i think that a lot of people social media's over their head and and i don't think that it it it seems foreign to us because we pretty much grew up with social media. But i think to to some of the people that are at different cycles in their careers. It's probably so foreign to them. You haven't thought about that. It's been more like no. Let's keep our information. He's just really interesting. Because it's like over on twitter. Have met case fanta from diamondback from twitter. He's on their you. Know cody campbell. Matt gallagher and these are all you know. Prominent dudes in oil and gas becoming more active on social media. And so it's like on one hand. It's like okay. You start sieg oil and gas turning turning the tide and getting more involved in social media but then like you have old jim. The trying to put out content get more exposure for his oilfield service company. And you know he's i don't wanna say nobody but you know he's lower down on the through cheney's on a c. o. or c. suite. They can do these things and his companies telling them like. Hey can't post that stuff. And i wonder if that you know affects the recruiting process that they would ever you know work with a head hunter and move companies but just i would imagine that when i think. We're having this conversation windy lake. Probably especially in the biz. Dev the marketing side like your personal brand in reaching the types of content. that you've created. I think be kind of part of that resume. Yeah i think that speaks volumes as to what you can actually do in the kind of attention that you can generate. That's truly important. Especially in any kind of biz dev role that way more effective than sitting there and linked in and blasting out like generic messages to people. You're not qualifying. Like lincoln's also dumpster fire so much i i grew i grew both ios points Without knowing the exact situations tougher. Meaning we're trying to railroad. You mean top like it wouldn't as far as like so. If you're asking for for my impression on water it it would be beneficial. I would think if they had more of a presence. If you're young for someone in that space you know maybe if we were doing a position with with apple or something like that were there. They don't want anything. It's like tighter security than getting into the pentagon. Then maybe not but yeah. I think that that would just be a conversation. You have with the person you just tell them. Hey we.

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