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So you've got fantasy football that's basically now for me. You're also just shot a movie gonna shoot this other show. You're working with lita haiti. And you also have a new new ish. Podcast metaphysical milkshake. How did that come about so a long time ago. While i was doing the office. Some friends of mine and i started a digital media company called soul pancake in some of you may know some of the videos. We'd have very successful youtube channel. We did shows like kid president and up my last days and a lot of viral video hits you. I did a music video. Do music video. Yeah we that was really fun. Radio pajamas wonderful. Yes i did a little show on that called metaphysical milkshake. 'cause i love deep philosophical conversations. I just love to kind of dig into the the biggest possible big ideas. That's something i've always loved to do. Ever since i was a preteen so along with my friend dr raza azlan who is a fantastic Historian writer commentator. We started this podcast. Metaphysical milkshake which is exploring life's big questions With some of the biggest authors and thinkers and movers and shakers out had malcolm glad well on the show and a naomi klein so many great thinkers and the topics are all over the place. You know it's it can be this week we're interviewing. I'm so excited this guy. Avi loeb whose astrophysicists from harvard. Who has this new book extraterrestrial. it's all about The search for alien life. It's great great book and so sometimes it's science. Sometimes philosophy sometimes spirituality. Were unafraid to talk about. You know god and life and death and the soul and so that's been really fun. We've been doing this for cast media and there's you know there's about twenty episodes out they come out about every week or so. You can subscribe wherever you get your fine podcasts. You're talking a great thinkers. I haven't been on yet. Oh god how did we let that happen. I mean great thinker now of our day. I don't know. I think that we think about some life's big questions that might be involved with topics like golf and fantasy football. You know i. I don't know i'm even. I know i'm setting myself up here even beginning this subject to tell you that for me. Golf does bring me to a place of spirituality and there's not a not a joke. I know i'm opening myself up but i know it's not a joke for me. I believe it's the it's the equivalent of i don't specifically meditate. I will at times. Try to take moments of quiet. But for me on the golf course. It is the only time where everything else falls away from me. Which i feel like is a form of meditating and for me. It is strictly about accomplishing this. One task and finding focus on that one thing allows everything else to go away any other anxieties. Or were or family stresses or anything else goes away and it's simply me attempting to accomplish one goal which is to get the ball in the hole. Is that weird. Does that count. No i relate to that completely now. I do have a meditation practice but as you know i play a lot of tennis. We used to play tennis right. And you are a pretty damn good tennis and used to kick my butt sometimes not all the time. Well most of the time. But i've gotten a lot better since. That was like twelve years ago but i feel the same way about tennis because i think there's something beautiful about sport because it forces you to be in the moment so when i'm on the tennis court the only thing that exists that green yellow ball and where is it and how am i going to address it. All of my natural. I'm a very anxious person. My anxiety lifts away. And i'm simply in my body breathing moving and witnessing this ball and it's exhilarating and all of a sudden you're done playing tennis an hour and a half two hours later. And you're like you just feel so refreshed and uplifted because looking at your phone and haven't been pondering things and obsessing over things and you've just been in the moment and been outside it's a. It's glorious yes i relate yes you see. Here's what we did. We just talked about a life's big question. Just like this irreverently with fun in relatable way and that's what we try and do metaphysical milkshake well. That doesn't seem so hard. Yeah i could be a guest then. Yeah i think if this is easy as that well there you have it. Do you have a favorite big question to ponder or one that you're currently pondering. Well i think all of the life's big questions that are the most meaningful to me are. We are living in really difficult times and with climate change with political divisions with racism with fears of international divisions and Saber rattling going on economic insecurity. It's a really difficult time to be alive. And i have you have kids. And i have a teenage son and for so many young people. Mental health epidemic is really extreme anxiety depression suicidal idealization. It's a very difficult time so any time that you have a question about like what what is my life's purpose like why are we here. And what can we do on two levels. One make the world a better place but also to give our lives kind of a deep satisfying rich wellness and wholeness so those two things go hand in hand i believe like we feel more rich and fulfilled and more well. The more we're giving to others and the more we give to others the more rich and whole and fulfilled. We've we feel so. I think that's what young people need to think about. There's so many Young folk just have given up. You know it's just like why. Should i care. It's all the world's going to hell and everything's falling apart anyway but you know we can make a difference. We need to make a difference. And in making a difference you will find your fulfillment and eventually your enlightenment. Excellent on a on a recent episode of the podcast. You mentioned that you were raised by aliens yet. Not wolves well first.

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