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And that now includes Covid shots on Wall Street. The Dow was up 51 NASDAQ ahead. 75 We go to Cairo Radio, Real time traffic Here's Priscilla. Even Look at that. Major delays northbound I five as you work your way out of the federal way area on up into tuck Will the crash that started all this appears to have cleared right there at the South Centre interchanged with 405, but we're backed up eight miles and we're looking at about a 50 minute delay. Still, it's an hour and 10 minutes from federal way to South Center and an hour and 40 all the way into Seattle. As you would imagine. A lot of people have failed and gone down to the Valley Freeway. That's why it's so slow out of Auburn, running at about 30 minutes now into the renting area, which is a 15 minute delay because everybody is so stacked up there. The rent of the Bellevue drives running at about a half an hour or less, so it's actually pretty decent. They're now coming up out of the Tacoma area. We're running at double the normal travel time from Tacoma up into federal way because of the response store rolled over car on northbound five right at the rest area. It's not actually blocking the freeway, but it is blocking the off ramp to the rest. Area and truck. Stop there, so Be prepared. A very heavy dot drive out of Fife Today to comb itself is also very slow coming out of the north end, rather garden variety Heavy day 40 minutes from effort to Seattle or Bellevue Traffic brought to you by Staples. Staples connected everything to help you get back to school. Facing prices for everything on your list. Staples connect dot com You can be more than ready for school at Staples. Andrew Cheever. Radio forecast calls for a pretty Beautiful day, Maybe some haze out there, But a lot of sunshine, too, will see highs near 77. It's 56 in downtown Seattle. I'm Heather Bosch, Coffee breakfast and your news stream. Dave Ross at home on your smart speakers. This is Seattle's morning news with Dave Ross..

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