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Listen, because NBC So what about you? What's what's your pleasure, But your treasure I'd love to play for you. All you have do is call me Get on the phone and call me they go, Michael. Get on the phone called me at 808 for 8 92. ¥22 music Radio 77 w. ABC habitable for another phone call, because it's so quantum, I think, Rockville, Maryland Good town. They're great song when it's springtime in downtown rock. That's about merrily. You know that song, right? I think the Everly signed that has suffered, Let's go to Phil, Speaking of the police. By your film. Good evening. Still. Yeager, How are you all to refill? How's Bonnie? Bonnie is fine. Thank you. And, uh, That's the first time her Jodie actually never met her. But By the way, I want to wish you a happy New year and I'm happy that you're happy being back on WNBC radio. I can't be tell you, Phil. If you've known me you've listened to me for quite a while. I got to tell you I have never been happier on the radio since long, long time ago. I'm back back in the year on broadcasting on hold, You know what I mean? That's what it's all about You I don't want to make you feel I was losing his woman last week who called you and said No, He's been listening to you since she's a child. That's OK. She was only she was only 1800. Mark. Yeah, and listen. Have to do this quite a while. So that makes me feel good. You know, it doesn't make me feel it's not negative. Entered a positive remark, Phil one of my plane for you tonight. You're playing above your idea, Wildwood and I want you know, Bunny. That's what she used to go during the summers. Is that where you picked a visa? Where you met her picture? Alright, Phil. Thank you. Give body a big kiss. And I thank you very, very much, Phil. Always a pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, Bobby Rydell. School. Sleep. Well, I tell you every time I hear him first of all, Wildwood, New Jersey is a great place to visit, right. In fact, maybe before it gets too cold. We should be having a nice little respite. Summer, right? What we call him when we grow.

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