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Dot com slash that gavel maybe this and will help Alan Harlow did just that also Oscar Rangel the scene star thank the you minimum so much for making I don't a donation know what to KCRW would make not be the membership drive without you it's our mission critical fundraiser here when I think Gabriel wise phone Mr Massachusetts and your con from Los Angeles Roger Richey from Burbank let's see a victim report from mount prospect Illinois it's really fun hearing from all of you folks coming in from southern California and from sort of all over the world from rolling hills estates to the Los Angeles regional food bank thank you so much for that here and I wanna think Marco Ramirez and Vanessa lilac from Los Angeles Christina guy a ghosts from Placentia also launched up called in from Portland Oregon and made a donation to cater to these mission critical fundraiser when I think Kevin right from LA and Nicholas a heart from LA also Patricia tish from Santa Barbara so many greats folks calling it in and going to kiss your W. dot com slash give so anyway I just wanna give a giant shout and shine thank you to all when of you for participating in our mission critical fundraiser you and helping us toward our thirty five thousand dollars challenge grant and then let its morning becomes eclectic stay to with us me A. M. speech intake is KCRW's studios may be empty at the moment but we have not slowed down the one thing that cannot be cancelled is our operating budget you know the station's not immune to this financial disruption it's going on and we need you please donate right now KCRW's mission critical fundraiser if you can afford to donate in these times do it for those who cannot KCRW dot com slash thank you.

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