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Also sport magazine. I'm Martin Lee. And this is the auto sport podcast. Well, that was epic and I'm not just talking about David avali, pit lane interviews. I'm getting my request in early for him to do more of those. He brings the energy from his commentary. Now to sprint race weekend, 5 red flags in qualifying. Conditions variable changeable will say. The Emilia romagna Grand Prix sprint race was well and truly shaken up the grid I should say, shake it up with Max Verstappen on pole. For the first time as defending world champion. Charles Leclerc's Ferrari lining up alongside him with his, oh, just the minor matter of a 46 point lead over Verstappen, even if he is in damage limitation mode this weekend. Leclerc is in the right place. McLaren should be delighted with Lando Norris in third, even happier will be huss with Kevin Magnussen in fourth, joining me on the podcast. Today is also sport dot com. Editor, Hayden Cobb, well that was a bit of a qualifying session, a long one. It really was, I think it's probably going to be the longest session of the entire weekend, which is a bit odd when you think it's a sprint weekend, and that was just qualifying. Yes, it was 5 red flags across the sort of three mini segments of qualifying an hour of 40 roughly all told. Yeah, it was a long stint for everyone involved. As I saw someone on social media say, quite inconsiderate of any racing to get in the way of what was basically one long red flag session. I told you the grid was looking different though Fernando Alonso alongside Daniel Ricciardo for 5th and 6th Perez down in 7th Bottas in 8th even though he retired the car in three Vettel in 9th and Carlos Sainz intent, even though he never even took part in the session. The two Mercedes lining up 11th and 13th for Russell and Hamilton respectively. Where shall we start? Let's talk through the red flags actually because this was a session which I've seen people saying afterwards that Max Verstappen locked in to poll. I disagree. I'll tell you why on that right. First red flag, Alban's exploding rear brakes, any muse online or to sport dot com about what's causing that because this is starting to become a bit of a Williams pattern. Any idea how they said afterwards, I've not seen the quotes or anything. Have you seen anything to do with what caused that? So they're still doing the formal investigation, but it very much seems like you said about the pattern of what they had an identical issue in pre season testing in Bahrain, which was happened to Latifi at the time. And it sort of strokes incredibly quickly as in the team don't even really get too much warning of it. The brake temperatures go through the roof and suddenly it's on fire and it's the rear brakes in particular, which is exactly same thing that happened to Alban in Q one of qualifying. He was about three or four corners into a push lap and then would you know it, the right rear brake is quite literally on fire and then explodes. It seems to be if it is the same issue, the sort of caked in brake drum causing this friction catching something and generally the temperature within the brake drum going sky high. And before they know it, it's in flames. It's always very visually eye catching. It was in Bahrain and even more so this afternoon because it literally has the TV cameras caught it. It literally exploded in a fireball that sent bits of carbon fiber and a bits of Williams cars sort of everywhere. And there were some fantastic shots of a bit of pace on fire run over by one of the McLaren's. It was thankfully nothing else happened after that. It was very, very great visual to grab. But yes, that was the first red flag. And it sort of carried on from there in various amounts. I really did say he couldn't set a time he did three laps in total. Also knocked out in the Alpine Esteban ocon and also in the Williams Nicholas Latifi and the two alpha tauris. Now that's going to be a big, big blow to go out in Q one for gasoline and sonoda. Because earlier in the season, they've shown real signs of pace, any clues yet as to where that pace went in imola. Yeah, strange one. I think they really misjudged the Q one time is with these sort of red flags in The Rain coming in and out. I mean, they were on track and on the right tyre, IE the dry tyres. So they didn't sort of mess up strategy wise, just pace just wasn't there in that particular session. They had no K one practice session on the Friday. And of course, that's all or anyone had because of the sprint race format. So maybe they just didn't get the tire in the window and you know, obviously with time ticking and Q one, there's no second chances. And granted sonoda did miss out by 0.004 seconds. To Lewis Hamilton being knocked out in Q one of all people. So they would just fractionally off it, but yeah, I mean, those are the fine margins in Formula One and that's why they were both out in Q one. And then going into Q two, so Carlos Sainz had set a pretty decent lap. He was two tenths off of Max Verstappen in the final Q two timings, but he was on a second flying lap. They asked him to do a second push lap. And when I say that he was finished tenth, that's because his time was good enough to get through to Q three. He just couldn't take part in that because he bend it and after the qualifying session, he seemed really frustrated. And I've seen some feedback afterwards, maybe Ferrari fans, I don't know, saying, he just can't catch a break. He's so unlucky. Yes, but Australia was his doing. And technically today was his doing. I mean, he got onto the slippery painted white line, and it spun him round, so yeah, I don't want to be hard on the guy, but that's two mistakes in a row. And I think he's equally frustrated because he said afterwards, he wasn't even pushing that hard, even though it was a second push lap. He had plenty in reserve, and you hear him on the radio back to the team, just apologetic, and yeah, he went into the weekend signing a new two year deal with Ferrari, but look, the more this goes on, the more he's going to be.

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