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To revamp the trade agreements somehow rather than abolish it trump did indeed promised to get rid of it if he couldn't renegotiate better terms so far the three parties are not exactly seeing eye in these talks let's turn outdoor northern border my name's david bruce than on the cfo with borge brothers we've been around since they can 72 yurikov call colville is in a state of washington and vargen brothers is a lumber company with sawmills in both the us and canada lumber is not included in nafta itself it's governed by different trade rules but bruce will still be watching what happens because lumber could be used as leverage in the nafta talks theory and uh some the aggravated items have been kind of lumped in with lumber in a we kinda were hoping that everything would stay separate a typically it's always been held outside a nafta so uh i would have hoped that we do a little further along by the time nafta started its negotiations will couldn't get brought into the discussions in the uh in the room but i guess we'll see bruce says canada has more at stake in the success of its lumber exports than the us canadian imports into the us typically makeup anywhere from thirty to thirty five percent of the supply for the us market and the us has always argued that the canadian subsidize their raw materials um based on the way they sell their timber to industry so that's been looked at as unfair i either through antidumping on the lumber side for selling it cheaply because they have a cheaper raw material and as well on the car v lean a duty side mexico will host the second round of nafta negotiations in september.

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