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The head of the global Magnitsky Justice campaign. Putin enemy number one Bill Browder. He's amazing. Yeah. Have you? Haven't yet. Go. Listen to episode two Muller. She wrote it's all about the Magnitsky act. It'll be a good primer to the conversation. We're about to have with the guy who helped write the Magnitsky act, please mind, the sound quality and episode to we have some corrections from last week in the ongoing saga of how to pronounce Herman German cons name. I'm now being told by the Russian friend that it's a hard G Gherman con. This is the father-in-law vendors wand Gherman con vendors, one vendors wants the first guy to go to jail and be deported in the molar probe. So they're Gherman con. I'm just gonna com con from now on the safest way to go the whole German Gherman Herman situation. I also said Montenegro was a Baltic state not a Balkan its Balkan. And I know that and I always confuse those two things, and I I always mix them up. Sorry about that good looking out. Also, I thought about conduct discharge was worse than a dishonorable discharge, but it's the other way around dishonorable discharges or for like, murder and rape and shit like that. Wow. And to the women who bristle when I call myself old because I'm forty four. I know it's not old. But my feelings about myself are not a referendum on you. I'm very aware that forty four is not old. Although it's relative, right? I thought I wasn't gonna make it pass thirty. So and I do understand we're trying to smash the patriarchy here. And that includes not feeling old. We're not but. But as a woman, I like to declare how I feel when I wanted to clear it, and in no way, do I imply that my feelings apply to you. Sometimes I feel that way. I know that you guys and your twenties. Sometimes you're like, I'm so old. You know, that is in no way saying that people who are age or older or younger are old. You know? That's this isn't on you. It's on me. Yeah. It's more a reflection of my experience with time personally. Personal shares. The same numbers me. I've lived a thousand lifetimes in my brain. Make it stuff. I'm sure we all have right? Yeah. Yeah. And there's days we feel really young. There's days we really feel really old. So and also, I'm a comedian in these are jokes. Dow didn't talk about Peri menopause. Well, when I talk about good point. Yeah. All our. No content there. The start a whole new podcast called are you there? God it's be menopause. And it's gonna be me talking about how old I am all the time. No another thing at the end of the last episode. We were pointing at pointing out that the chief of staff at the Pentagon Sweeney quit because Mattis quit, but we learned the day after we recorded that that he was actually forced out. So keep your eye on Trump urging all non loyalists, including me, please don't fire me. It's been happening for a while. All right. We have a ton of news to get to. So let's jump in with just the facts. Okay. On monday. We got an update on the Concorde management subpoena battle in the Muller investigation. Concord management is a sorry. Concord management and catering is a Russian company headed up by promotion. That's putin. Chef they pleaded not guilty to charges filed by the Muller investigation Muller probe last year in the social media case against Russian meddling. They're fighting Muller in court and in a hearing in that case this week, the judge took issue Dabney right free. Drifter jury found out that's a woman. Yeah. I didn't know that either. Yeah. Me either bad star lady lady judge. She took issue with the character and nature of the defense attorneys. Filings talent basically said knock it off it out. So Jordan, you covered some of the colorful language references in our mid week episode. We have mid week episodes now there for patrons. If you're not a patron get on it. You can get on it. You can get that second episode, plus all the other shit, you get for being a patron for those little as three bucks. So Gus I not patriots dot com slash Miller. She wrote it's a good deal. But you you did you covered some of that colorful, language and cartoon references..

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