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Project will be ramping up in Alexandria next month. Most people may not even notice it's going on. It's going to be 12 stories below the city. A massive two mile long tunnel will stretch from the city's wastewater treatment center to Pendleton street. The tunnel boring machine called hazel will head east under south royal street and then head north under the Potomac river, Justin Carl was the program manager. She's essentially like an underground factor to each ground and extrudes a tunnel behind her city as an outdated combined sewer system, meaning humans who just combine with storm water and all sent to the treatment center when it rains heavily can cause issues. About a 140 million gallons of combined sewer overflows occur each year in Alexandria. The new tunnel should eliminate that issue and boring will go almost completely unnoticed. Our criteria for movement at the surface is about the thickness of two nickels. Most of the time when we build these types of tunnels rarely see any movement. Luke Luger WTO, P news. Money news at 25 and 55 here's Jeff clay ball. The historic asbury church in middleburg dates back to the 1820s, but it's in need of stabilization and repairs, the town of middleburg, had planned to sell it to a preservation minded buyer, but I'll keep it and fix it itself. Thanks to a budget surplus, visitorship and tourism is a significant component of the town of middleburg, a majority of our tax revenues are based on that and coming out of the pandemic. Has been blessed to do very well with visitorship and tourism. That's middleburg mayor bridge littleton, future uses may include community activities and private events, but it will also work with historians. The biggest most important thing is to capture the stories and capture the history of asbury church and what it's meant to middleburg, working with those groups to capture that story and share that story is the primary focus in 1864, asbury church was donated to the African American Methodist Church. It hasn't been used in two decades. Jeff claw will be news. Coming up after traffic and weather more migrants dropped off in D.C. also New York, Texas says they're not done yet. They're going to continue. We'll keep you up to date on that and more. It's two

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