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Never realized what a violent jury is think. It's taken something like this to lead me to your expense account items sixteen four twenty cab philadelphia mutually office of harry brands. But if your right john. You mustn't go out there alone. Don't you understand if he's the man who planned the murder. Ricardo emma rico. He wouldn't stop. Yes yes i had. The police put out there to coverage shop but john is dolby expense account items seventeen dollars. Sixty two buck was a tip for going through a couple of red lights back to the shop of the violin maker. Eric snowden. Mr don imus snowden. I'm afraid i left you rather abruptly awhile ago that near accident when you let that. But i don't know how it possibly could have shifted on the window. Ledge up on the third floor window ledge of this little combination store workshop and home of yours that much. i didn't notice while i was ducking it. If it'd come off a second floor window you know. I might have suspected you of giving a helpless show. Can't possibly mean. Forget it for the moment but how do you workshop on the second floor come on yes because may i ask why i want to show you something. I think you know what no by. So don't unless something has happened to the amati. Something certainly has damaged it since you. No such luck please. Are you talking about jay. Tell me the truth. Is this ricardo. Our goes amati violin. Yes yes. I've told you so you're sure of course i'm sure you know something you want but i am. What overnight cabinet there beside your work table. Because i tell you to but i just want to you getting at dollar. Are you going to open it. Or shall i know. Get out of here. This is my shop my place you. You can't do this sort of thing to me. Would you rather the police did. They're on their way police. But there's no need to open it. Ricardo ameri goes. Amati isn't and that's why you're wrong. This is the amati in this case. The one in the cabinet is the identical copy of the ahmadi that you made. Yes mr why snowden because the loss of this priceless instrument would have been unthinkable. Thirty thousand dollars. Insurance money doesn't buy a violin like this. It must be played by an artist by many artists like the artist. Ricardo was so so when ricardo disappeared or was murdered when ricardo disappeared. I had to make sure that the amartya would would still. I didn't mud the hacksaw. The cup staring out on his car. Well snowden isn't it yes no because of and you're crazy plan to keep the real amount of you and you're going to take the rap. Primary goes murder. No no please ricky. That's right mr dalla ricardo marija. What the dirty drunk and has been started. All this sound through the steering rod on my car wreck swap left some of my clothing. There at phony fiddle is my idea not to collect the insurance on it down alone but make sure it could come back again. Played again by somebody that deserved to play it. The way i wave. Perhaps one time i deserved to play man disappears murder whatever. It was a fuss about it for a while. And it's over this this live you will now. The world will be the better friends and this apparent murder insurance was my last hope paying back pete. Carbon my agent and the others who tried so hard to straighten me out. Hey back some of the money in the heartbreak they spent on me or let your insurance company. Pay him back. Because i never could. I couldn't even leave my hiding place here in eric's house is i knew that sooner or later you pity me enough to give me more the drink it's been all i've been living for eric. God bless 'em eric new of course but only be kind to him. If you can't ricky. And so mr dollar unless you buy me a drink for you call. The police were expense account items. Seventeen eight fifty. One bottle of the best i could buy before i called in the police. Eighteen hotel in philadelphia miscellaneous fair back to hartford total expense account. One eighty two sixty five remarks. No insurance payment necessary on the amati or the man. And i guess he really wants to man more than he knew what the courts will do about him. And about eric's snowden alec. We'll do and i'm glad i have to have no part in and funny somehow i think i have a little better appreciation for music now than yours..

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