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In 2021? Marcie. I'm looking forward to a vaccine one most immediately, which will be the first week of the new Year. The Senate runoff and the fact that Georgia for the first time in decades has played such a consequential national role to hear Georgia being mentioned constantly in the national News has been pretty has gone to your head has been pretty heady, little surreal, sometimes slingshot economic recovery. I've been talking to Clark Howard about that. There's so much pent up demand right now. Everything from travel to Atlanta's $16 billion your hospitality industry to families extended families trying to get back together again. And of course, the vaccine will help make that possible. The most amazing thing I saw after Election day when Biden was finally declared the winner. The sense that I got was not even so much victory is it was relief. And I think that even if nothing gets done with a divided government next year, at least a little more tranquility. I'm looking forward to Personally, you know, last year I said I was looking forward to the Olympics. So I'm still looking forward to the Olympics. And then I'm gonna be a grandma in 2021 for me. I'm just looking forward to going back and covering ballgames again in person. Now, as we wrap it up here, George another year, I'd have to say the essential worker and that's not just teachers, police health care workers, though they're crucial. We're talking about everybody from grocery stores, stocking clerks to meat processing plant workers. When we were faced with the prospect of trying to get along without this stuff that they process handler manufacturer we all came to the conclusion that whoa, There are a lot of Americans, you do essential work. I would Say politically. Rapids Burger Sterling are two top elections officials who have been so steadfast defending their work defending all of us and our votes, I think, but I have to agree with Scott. We heard from so many people are on our covert shows in the evening. Over the months, schoolteachers Are doctors who were just absolutely overwhelmed. Just wanted people to know that it really was true. People rose to the occasion. And I think, really, we're going to remember all the rest of this until the day we die. Mine goes to actually the Home Depot co founders Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, mostly because of their donations. Bernie Marcus just donated 80 million to the Shepherd center. Has helped built a new wing of Piedmont and then Arthur Blank donate enough money to build an entirely new Children's hospital, and I think we will be benefiting from that for the rest of our lives and mine will be from inside our house special recognition to our good friends who retired this year. Walter Reeves, Pete Sprigs mark a low wine Clark Howard backing away from his radio show, and it wasn't a retirement. Jamie do pre ending his run after 32 years here, so that is how we will in 2020 Everybody Happy New Year. Let's do better in 2021 time marches on thistles 2020 on.

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