Senator Obama, NBC, New York Times discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Triple eight nine seven one s a g e triple eight nine seven one seven two four three so hillary goes on sixty minutes two thousand eight and has asked whether or not president then senator obama is muslim he's what happens you don't believe that senator obama's a muslim of course not i mean that's you know that there is no basis for that you know i take him on the basis of what he says and there isn't any reason to doubt that you said you take senator obama at his word that he's not much you don't believe that his no there is nothing to to base that on as far as far as i know okay now here's what media matters wrote journalists at quote nbc msnbc the new york times chicagosuntimes time the new yorker and the washington post among others declared her response had been wholly deficient worse clinton's answers simply confirmed that she was running a slimy nasty contest it was a galling comet the sleaziest moment of the campaign said several journalists you don't believe that his remarks now there is nothing to to base that on so even if the gentleman who called me did not see it apparently journalists did now regarding the birther thing james asher former mcclatchy washington bureau chief said and i'm quoting him sidney blumenthal told me in person obama was born in kenya and spread the obama birther room rumor to me in two thousand eight asking us to investigate into vote if you don't know who sidney blumenthal is you haven't been paying attention now i wanna talk about the interview the kamla harris head about assault weapons about guns and here's part of it it's scary because you talk about the police on she's very likely going to run for president and of course is a very hostile to president trump outside but then when you when you kids get to school it's scary as well because it feels like they're not safe in school with all these mass shootings now all these mass shootings any mass shooting is one mass shooting too many we think over this again and again and again mass shootings are not up school shootings are not up to not what is instantly they said well maybe.

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