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You know that celebrity renovation show that. I did with my high school football coach. Well my episode an hour episode will air not this friday but next friday okay. So september third. We're going to be the feature. A celebrity renovation. Over this friday eight o'clock on. Cbs will be emmett smith now. I've seen the show. The show is amazing. That's great and you know if you love dallas cowboys and you love emmett smith and you just love the back story of people. That's one of the reasons. Why do that show gametime because you find out so much more about a person. Yeah where they came from what they're about who the important people in their life bar and all that other stuff emmett did this thing for his dad and it was just amazing. That's great and i got. I gotta tell you it was just the end of it is is they did. They did a remarkable thing. The and i don't want to know the premise of the show is. You're giving back to someone in your life and they're not aware of it or essentially they're really not aware of it. So i i did it for sal champion. My high school football coach was like a second dad to me. And i you know i had to get him out of the house so i gotta tell them. Something's yeah sure. Of course you know. I i told him you know we're putting in a new for you and stuff like that. So i i kind of got him out of the house with the help of his lovely wife donna. And we're able to convince them not to be around which was not easy. It's with the older person who gets especially in the midst of covert and all that other stuff you have all these different precautions but it's fun doing it as being part of it but watching emmett's emmett's was really really good. No good paul chris. Paul did his and they're all good. They're all laura. Film is no longer than that. it's it's about. I think it's about ten days and there's a lot of different shots that you have to do and some of the stuff you have to go through. You know where you grew up where you're from that kind of thing you you go walking on you know. We were down in heckscher park where i grew up and all that other stuff and you walk. The streets of east is soapy. You drive around talk to your co host and everything else and then all of a sudden you get to the house and you start ripping things right and that part you kind of tear into quickly so much fun. So sal give part of it away. Sal hit a brick bar in his basement and the thing had been there for probably thirty years. I don't know and i had the sledgehammer. And i was able to. Just take the bar out with a sledgehammer. That's got a great release. And i was just thinking every time. I swung the sledgehammers thing and that was for that You know that that run that you made us run on when you got. That was for that yelling at me and that kind of that was for that gasser and it was great and so emmett's friday at eight o'clock on cbs. And it's a terrific show and it's a great. The ending is amazing. I mean tear my eyes so the ending was amazing and hopefully our show just as good next for how many more because they've done. I think next. Friday it'll be it. You're the finale. I think so. I'm not sure i'm not sure. How many of the having the campaign. I think that we will be option but already gone not sure friday night. Cbs emmett next friday cbs. That will be w episode very cool. Look for your red hot with your show. The new york yankees red hot. We opened the show with them this morning and rightly so spent a lotta time on them because they have one count them. Eleven straight games last night was one of those games as boomer pointed out earlier sometimes new one and eleven in a row a couple of things after go your way and while they got all the big hits they gotta have a big mess of jam that chapman put them in ninth inning. When you look at that game they caught some breaks but the bottom line is they are hitting. They are playing great defense and for the most part. They're pitching their one. Issue is the closer role and something that they're gonna have to figure out going forward. The amazing thing is is that they're all contributing offensively things last night. Lemay you adore. They hit yup and stand again of course but You know you have a little bit of everything from everybody and luke. Voight will be back in the lineup tonight. So they should be. Unless unless aaron boone decided to give somebody in i'd offer day off and get somebody else out there because long travel everything going out to oakland. I would think you'd have your normal one hundred percent lineup out there. Especially if or shell is out there with them and that does look like he will join them in oakland at sites tomorrow night and maybe for friday or saturday and glacier tour is right behind them as well which brings you to the next point. And that's the way. Aaron boone manages the lineup and the fielding and who plays on a daily basis but the fact that they get out of the national league park now only for two nights but still back to the american league side of things makes it easier for him to rotate guys out. Yeah it's Be interesting and as we were talking about earlier with luke void and With anthony rizzo at first. Base is going to be interesting to see the way. Gleyber torres. react to the success that velazquez had and velazquez much is a local guy. Rizzo obviously has a much bigger track record behind but still as paul. Neil has continued to say through this run with alaska's short you know it's it's hard not the roof of the kid and you'll love the way that he plays baseball. You love the fact that we still base last night gets. He's got dirt all over him. He's exactly what you want is a looks like a baseball rat is what he looks like in the and he's been playing great and he's been money and he's been good in the field so you would hope that the internal Competition you have first pace maybe get a little bit of that at second base and maybe kleber comes back and now sudden is a little bit more motivated and focused in on being the player. He was totally know a couple years ago as opposed to the player that he's complacent into now. I know rizzo's the better defender. I get it. Are you surprised that void didn't get one of the two starts only from the standpoint of results coming back in the cove it. He hasn't been himself yet. i know he's gotta get. Is it bad. Sin but voigt red hot player. That we can only got was to pinch hit appearances. I'm sure that void is a little bit disappointed about that. But also the reason they went and got is because boy put him in that position in the first place in voided come off of an injury for the third time this year so luke void could say whatever he wants and i don't blame them i hear what he's saying and i understand why he saying it It's very unusual by the way it's different. It's it's different it's not. You don't usually hear this from one of these yankee players. They're all like mentally conditioned to be very careful about what they say in how they say about luke. Boyd basically went out there and started firing away soon as he got back. So i think that part of me believes that. It's great for luke voight and he also now becomes an asset in the off season as gleyber torres becomes an asset in your off season depending on what brian cashman wants to do and reported by the team moving forward for the next few years but at the moment it's a good problem to have and i just think every coach hopes for it and that is internal competition it really brings out the true competitive athlete. And i think that's what we've seen that right now. From luke voight. He's reacted the way that i would hope that he would react so good news. Yankees went eleven in a row. Bad news raise one again so they don't pick up any ground in the division race and then just quickly. we don't spend much time on it. But you know the mets for the second time they win the finale in san francisco louise. Ross talks about momentum. Then they go lose the first three games in l. a. They win the finale in los angeles and louise ross talks about carrying that momentum after an off day back home against really needed to be a big series against the giants and boomer. They don't just lose last night. They get embarrassed last night. They get shut out last night. All aside lonzo who had a couple of hits and on base a couple of times their core middle of the lineup was a combined for thirteen and nothing right now is going right for this team and nothing has for about five weeks or so. That's that was a mess last night and you were talking about. You have to go out and sweep the giants. Well.

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