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Let's put an eighth official in this booth. Let's. Let him officiate the game as the eighth member of the crew. And just like the crew gets together when there's a block in the back call and somebody has a different angle, he just he just another member here. And let's see if we can correct the correct the obvious mistakes. And if it works in sixty four games, then let's say in two thousand nineteen we put it in the playoffs to ensure that it doesn't happen. And then if it works, maybe then Dopp kit in two thousand twenty going forward for all games just think we've got a look forward and really kinda change how we approached officiating and technology to make it better without extending the game. You know, now, see that's. Now, you keep saying that Mike Pereira, you flout years I have been saying, let's make everything and anything reviewable. And you're like well that's going to extend the game. It's going to be too long. That's why I'm at least saying it's gotta be initially initiated from the coaching sidelines. Let's take a look at that. I saw holding and then put an actual limit on that. So not only do you can maintain a human element to officiating which I think is important even fans would agree that there's gotta be some of that. But let's make sure that it comes from the coaches you seen actual red challenge. Flag come out and say that should have been holding that should have been passed into set should have been this as opposed to an eighth official that we're not seeing. Okay. And then we're suddenly getting some sort of call out of nowhere on something that we didn't see like now, suddenly there's going to be an illegal contact that gets missed that. That's in the second quarter that suddenly is going to get called. I think people are gonna go absolutely insane. Let's not use it for every play. But let's make everything review under the actual construct. We already have in terms of finite number of challenges. Well, I mean, I just I see I don't think they'll do that. I mean, I think that's out of the question. I just can't see them ever adopting the Bill Belichick thing where let's and rich Eisen thing. Let the coach challenge everything because that that's going to lead to that's gonna lead the even longer games than if you did it the way that I'm proposing to do it because everybody says, well, you know, what we're not. We don't want to give the coaches more challenges while you're giving them more challenges because look at it. Now. I mean coaches don't have to challenge a turnover. They don't have to challenge play this ruled you know, score. And so you only have about one point three coaches challenges that game, let them challenge everything. And we know that under the current system they get to challenges and getting both right? They get a third might go one point two to five you know, challenges game. I just I just don't see them. I don't see the commit. Eighty doing that. I see them looking at something something, I think less dramatic. And I know that you're talking about the official that can't be seen. But you know, I just think that they could take some smaller steps to maybe. Correct. Maybe. Correct. Sick things in the time. It would take you know, for you know, them to correct to in actual replay challenge situation. Right. I just find it hard. You know, I've you look you've you things through the lens of of former official former head of NFL refs for somebody. Who's in the league office? I put myself in the in the shoes of a fan or on the catch fan. And I'm like sitting there thinking they're flag on the plane. Okay. No flags nominee their thing. Okay. There on flake. No flex is their flag from the booth no flags in the booth that play now stands I think that would just drive some fans nuts. But let's just in the time. We have remaining Mike Pereira. Foxsports lead of a head analyst of officiating of Fox Sports. I did that just a piston blandino off to give you that. Here. I'm in the talent..

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