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I know but like brady i think assertive um you know like i think the dead bodies often embraced legates it's a tactical choice by those who who who and of having a dad bod of preach i'm the i'm the i'm the about you're on the prompt medium of the deadbug committed right so i think that the tom brady kind of his like is by design the corny fouryearold don't you think i think that's fair liquid it the mic drop his according itself it's when you say patriots out during drought the patriots out for us as is probably corner than the mic droplets be honest yeah i think that petri tout patriots out wasn't great i thought it was going to finish it with a let's go against so signature for him you know he likes to look people right in the eyes and scream let's go at the top of his long or he goes up and down the bench and screens let's go to adopt this lungs patriot station our rules of patriots we out patriots out we out of patriots of course created out patriots out so i'm sorry to myself that the eagle's can win this register just like i don't gamble on sports 'cause i would like it so i don't do it but so i don't really have too much of a dog in the the horse and roof for the page could ramassage it's been no cares can you give me a couple like x factors things to look for whether they're frivolous or football i think that like these two teams uniquely value safeties in tight end which is an encouragement lot of personnel management than i was tired of seeing as i was still working in the nfl the tight end in safety spot are particularly noted as like uniquely versatile positions safeties can cover wide receivers died ends running backed out of the backfield on occasion rarely by on occasion they can defend the run economics to defend the pass tight and even blitz from time it's crazy the green bay linebacker liquidity guys like mark baron shift from safe yo i'm back the tide ends block that the edges running back.

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