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In the morning. Welcome to Wednesday, ninety seven point one wash is on part of what you're into today. The debate got quite lively yesterday. We're talking about the middle seed, an arm rest Yusen. Interestingly enough today, the summer travel season is here. So Expedia came out with their airplane, etiquette study. They're saying that the most annoying traveler is the one who spread germs and globally. It's the drunk passenger. Oh I'm sorry to get on the back. Well, you fly way more than I do because I'm not a fan of flying. I've waited as much possible and yesterday you were saying that the person who sits in the middle does not deserve both arm rests. I think with you sit in the middle. It's kind of conversation that needs to be had with the people on either end because you're sharing occupied space. And then on Twitter, the debate was raging because I think it's valid point that if you're on the aisle, you get legroom, if you're in the window, you get the window and a place to rest your head the middle person needs a perk, therefore those would be the perk. And when we did the tax poll, eighty percent of you listening. Agreed that, that middle seat should get both armrest. Okay. It stinks. Fill your pain. It is what it is now. Alison you're part of the show and oakton you think you have a solution to this middle seat debate. What is it? You're just make the middle seat. The problem. I think there are a lot of people who hate that middle seat if you make it cheaper. People will love the middle for everybody wants to the window or I'll nobody wants to middle. So make the middle more desirable, and solve the problem. Thank you. If you choose the by the cheaper middle seat than you just deal. Yes, you could. Thank you. You guys have a great morning. Thank you, you, too. Now you fly solo. So it's easier for you to purchase an end or a window. But if you've got another person with you, like your daughter the middle seat all the time. And it's. Because it doesn't matter she's got if we depending on board because we mostly five south west, and it's like free for all boarding, if you get group or whatever she, like be lines, right? For the window seat. I'll blame it. But I'm usually the guy that gets the middle, so she's old enough to kinda sit by herself. Oh, wait a minute. I forgot to tell you this story. So she's discovered. The power of the exit row now because she's old enough. She's fifteen so she. So she sit there. Yes. That's changed the flying experience. You guys chiming in. Thanks again. Alison. Yes. Airlines take note if you made that middle cheaper, maybe we wouldn't mind it as much John, if you wanna see the list to of all of the things that annoy and aggravate air travelers, we've got that posted for you just in time for summer travel season. Toby page wash FM dot com now coming up in a few minutes. Toby Chile's top stories which you gonna build a bear workshop pay.

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