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We had a guy that was one of the top receivers in the NFL man. Have you guys ever done like the versa climber? Are you familiar with overture device? Yes, I am. So we were doing it was early in the offseason. So we minimize the impact just because they've come off of eighteen weeks of just taking Ruutel pounding. Right. So we kind of, you know, there's gotta be a tapering period before we ramp back up. So we're doing a versa climber competition. New cat comes in just at rookie wide receiver records in the NFL. Everybody's gas in them up thinks he's the best and I'm trying to give them some tips because he's joining a group of guys that had been trained in for like three or four weeks. Now, now my came out like you ever done this, and he was like, nah, I'm good. And I go. Yeah. No doubt. I'm sure you're good. But there's some nuances of this. It'd be he's like, dude. I've good just chill. And like kind of Buddha's palm in the hand of my face like twenty four twenty four twenty five year old me would have. Like listen. Right. But my okay, three to Goten they gotta do a thirty second interval, well, three intervals into this dude on his back toasted and guys are just laughing at him. I go you ready for some advice ship. So I think self awareness comes from a little bit of you kind of have an again. Metaphorically speaking tastes in your own blood, recognizing that you, you failed somewhere, you're struggling, and then you really taking the time to reflect on that. And not just like what have I learned mindfulness? I mean like really dig in like why did I suck there? What was my ego telling me and how can I move forward and the interesting part about all of this? Whether it's special forces or athletes is they're in a constant state of training and they're conditioned to train, and for most of us civilians were not in a concentrate of training. And that's why it's hard for us to develop the self-awareness oftentimes because we don't have that competitive side. We don't have that ability to compare ourselves to what someone else's doing directly, which you do, obviously with your athletes, and with the special forces. Is even in when they come through our programs, they're always onto the next training, their one of their training, schedule. And they're always training because they're always in new environments, where they need that edge, and when it comes to raising your self awareness, I think another big part of it is being open to feedback right, one hundred per and a lot of times it's hard to develop self awareness. If you're just dismissive of all feedback, and think about how great that is for what you guys have done like with this show..

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