Joe Madden, Cubs, Zober discussed on Chicago's GameDay


Regular season bro how many pitches did you think you were gonna throw well well here's joe madden on you darvish wasn't really sharp overall i mean a lot of pitches to third he showed glimpses where that command was good other time the command just wasn't festival commanders off through some good signs but i would say overall he just didn't have his best up tonight and he got his through except for third try to get that last know he could put with castrating there's a chance to put him on the ground any over then we moved on from there but that's what caught us a little bit because i do use done seeing than had a pinch hit for done seeing was the guy's going to provide some length tonight and i it just this whole these three games for the first regains of the year are so awkward found so the pitching didn't wanna work it was not used best after but there's a lot to look forward to after this and again once again they and was extended so tomorrow i think we got maybe three guys that are going to be well cantata through the ball grandcamp wealthy gets deeper into the game but overall you was not you know i i would say use command the cubs you win because they scorn this the tenth zober singled to right by scored it was seven this sex and then kris bryant double to left hayward and elmore junior and carotene all scored in the cubs went up ten six they win the game but interesting conversation around you darvish is i start with the chicago cubs ace of the staff right john lesser started the first game so isn't he what are you what are you mumbling over there.

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