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And i guess the only reason to put it in there is that there must be enough wisdom feeling of of cultural support for it on the left. I assume it's all democrats. Who want this overarching bill. That in order to make it seem like it's a reform that is meant for voter integrity election integrity rather than a reform. That's meant just for partisanship. Maybe they think Can't imagine they think paper ballots will help them. I you just can't control it. If it's truly auditable. I would assume i mean you have to just rely exclusively on propaganda which does work for them. But gary gary wants to know if you are coordinating with matt. Brainard a patrick cole. Beck and richard barris so Matt brainard is very close to the trump legal team. I think he's a pilot of it. So i'm not really coordinating with per se with anyone and the trump legal team or the wasn't trump legal team per sad I met patrick khobar this weekend. He's a great guy. and Respect quite a bell together in. Patrick is up in michigan And he They're doing some great stuff up there. They have michigan's lot like georgia. They have one of the last standing cases it was filed by an attorney up. There are Made matt and matt has got our our great. He's gonna get discovery is he's yeah He's got album discovery and he's got to ask a few things. We were talking about what he needs to ask for so but yeah so Spent quite a bit of town. Patrick roy roy housego That's fantastic so oh my gosh. You can print your ballots at home. Which of course means that you could print them probably filled out your problem. I knew there was a proud well. There's a ton of flaws with hr wine A- and he's like you said they do have the. I think it does have him paper bounce but there are time absolute ton of loss with it. aside from that one good thing so it's kinda like you were saying you know one thing one thing One good they tell they tell you one little little good sign in there and then they basically ten times more bad stuff some so. I'm telling you garland. You're going to your. Your popularity is rising. Everybody digs your look. You're you're you're looking great garland your jacket. Notice the jacket myself. Yeah he looks great well he had. Yeah i had to kind of dress up this weekend. It was good at where you'll see this again soon. Have here but it's going to be at the seed place so at neighbors intercede so you do not wear jangled. Were jean jacket. No don't think i have. I don't even have a pair of jeans anymore right. I'm all chords now. What kind of junior or unani. Comfort court cords more comfortable. The jeans rose stock soft and furry on the inside and you can't and you can wear them to court probably where you can't wear job probably could. Yeah but i i. I haven't that yet. Yeah well the the new world will be cash. So nick wants to know if a forensic x. inspection will provide iran clad evidence of hacking manipulation. Is that a fact. Do so while there's two types of forensics There's the ballot imaging. Forensics is what we're after at.

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