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On air on Alexa or the W T. O. P s 7 28 traffic and weather on the eighth Steve Dresner and the W T O P Traffic Center in Maryland on the North bound side of the B W Parkway after the 50 split reported crash activity, which only a single language by over on the South bound side of the BW Parkway, right near 1 97. Reported Crash activity Lane, Maybe black person minor delays throughout the area College Park Still the only one crash activity south bound on Route one, right before 1 93 University Boulevard contained to the right side of the road, Wayne and still finding delays on the in Bend side of the stolen park. Wayne after Naylor Road, and last for important accident activity has only a single right ling getting by. Over and Virginia while we're doing much better on the capital Beltway in both directions, however, on the inner loop near Van Doren Stream, we are finding police activity occupying the left side of the roadway, Looking for a fresh start. Silver Diner head shit covered from plant based options to gluten free tow. Under 600 calorie entrees, Silver Diner offers choices for how you live and a healthier dose of what you crave. Steve Dresner. W T o P. Traffic, Not a Storm Team four Samara Theodore second half of our weekend. It's gonna be a cold start see temperatures tonight They're dropping into the teens and twenties. Even with the winds growing calm, we're still looking at frigid conditions.

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