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A one of those was the rupturing of future first round. Pick up for the sixteenth pig. And what did you see what that one and who do you think comes out of that. Yes so all. I think it's gonna make your boy nima really happy. Alpern schengen is a divisive prospect to say the least but they obviously saw something in him to not only like selective but to trade back into the draft to take him in. It also may be able to maintain the picture they have laid on the draft So schengen is gonna be really interesting. Because he is like a. I forget who it was but someone described him as hakeem malaysia. On if you take away everything but the post game which is pretty fair honestly. He is a really good post player. A lot of people will point to like is passing dribbling shooting. Those are all like works in progress. He's more athletic than you'd expect for. Sure I mean he was the turkish league. Mvp this year so even though they had a little bit of an off your talent wise still impressive. But he's just going to be really interesting to see develop in a team. That has no expectations anytime soon. And i i'll just say pairing him with it was manga. Rubel like their polar opposites of each other to me. Because in which i love because garuba is this like stunted offensive player. Who's still developing the perfect game..

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