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Would it be tested so i mean this is something that was ongoing situation before the fight so i personally don't believe that they don't have the answer already. I believe they already had a result at this point. The integrity of the test is jeopardized because they waiting so long to give the guy in answer. If i'm reading this i wouldn't even trust it and i'm gonna tell you something else. That's very rarely in your life. Are you going to see a sample in the b sample not saying it can't happen happy but what i am saying. It's a very rare occurrence. If you test positive which a sample you test positive. Would you be sample because the blood is taken at the same the blood a urine is take the same exact tom from the same exact person. One of them is being tested at one of them is being stored so unless somebody did something to the test. It's a very current. I get the test change the results chains. You understand what i'm saying. They take them both at the same time so this way for the b sample if the a sample tested positive there's a ninety nine point nine percent chance that the b samples gonna test positive. It's the same exact thing from the same person so i don't buy but you could say that to somebody that don't know better and they fall for that but i don't fight it so i got a secondary question there right obviously so you know we have about forty six percent u._k. Listenership so they listen to the show to call in and they say why did w._b._z. Step in. It's unfair fair. The tests were conducted by vodka. Deleon white paid his own money for vodka vodka cleared him of any thing he hasn't popped for vodka. Why would the w._b._z. Suspend them until further notice on investigation. <hes> what's your stance on the w._b._z. Stepping in on the situation overall in the w._b._z. sanctioned the fight. They had to do it bothers. Not a sanctioning body bothers the testing agency so the w._b._z. sanctioned the fight so they want to keep their integrity they have to do that so that's to me is misdirection. There's no such thing as a bottle. Heavyweight belt is w._b._z. Belt so the sanctioning body who was pay sanctioning fees they have to step in when i'm saying people say that that's misdirection like body can't can't <hes> suspend them or strip him of a belt. They don't have that power. They only have the power to say. He was positive or negative. No yeah i that's what the u k fans are saying. This fight fell under vodka sanction so <hes> excuse me it fell on the w._b._z. Sanction so it was vodka testing because of the w._b._z. Clean program so if it delia the white part for yukon but he passed all his tests on vital wise the w._b._z. stepping in and suspending him her investigate bottle i. I don't know about that either because they do. A lot of testing the same labs and to me is just too much confusion over overdue. I understood what you were saying. I don't know about by that and that's to be honest with you. I don't know i guess i want to say certain things because i died artis active in the sectors now man you broke up. You went in the hallway. We we lost him pam if we lost them with done because the line is lot he won't be able to get in unless he skype and approach man. I had so much saluting drop. He definitely more brian. Listen heats tight with the snack..

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