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Wanna mess whether you need outdoor lighting, kitchen lighting or bathroom fixtures. You'll find unbelievable deals at Southern Lights Tent sale. This is the time to take advantage of major discounts on floor displays, close out models, open box items and more. And the deals. Don't just stopping the tent. Alexis. We've got something for everyone and invite you to take advantage of all the deals throughout our amazing 25,000 square foot showroom. If you haven't visited Southern Lights, tent sale is the time Ryan Where can listeners find you? As always find us at 35 W and Highway 13 in Burnsville, off the frontage road or at Southern Lights Inc dot com. Pandemics reminded us we live in a sea of airborne germs that can assault us with every breath. Your nose is the body's first line of defense by helping filter out allergens, bacteria and viruses before they reach your lungs. But like any air filter, the more clogged up, it gets, the less it works. So how do you clean your nose? I'm Martin Hoke and I didn't invent nasal irrigation. The neti pots been around thousands of years, but I did invent a voyage to make cleaning your nose easy. Nevada's uses powered suction to flush out Mucus and germs that cause congestion or worse can make you sick. Over two million people used lavage to breathe better sleep deeper, snore less and feel healthier without drugs. Nevada has over 70,000 Online reviews averaging 4.7 stars because it works and it's easy to use Go to devise dot com Or find Nevada Walgreen, CVS Rite Aid Bed Bath and Target Now available with eucalyptus for a spa like experience. No Vigia n A V A G Clean nose, Healthy life. Hey. My talkers. If you're headed to the fair today, we won't be there.

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