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In WGN traffic central the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center. There's an ice storm warning. That begins at six o'clock tonight. Runs through six AM tomorrow becoming mostly cloudy today, thirty one for a high. We're about there now, freezing rain, sleet, and rain tonight. A low Twenty-eight temperatures rising toward morning tomorrow. Cloudy, light rain at times, a high of thirty seven they're saying some areas could get up to a quarter of an inch of ice that is at the extreme level. But there could be enough is to down some power lines do damage to trees as well and make driving very hazardous should be aware of that tonight. Thirty one right now at O'hare, midway thirty four thirty-three to roar and the lakefront thirty one degrees. I'm Steve Bertrand in the WGN radio newsroom. These are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. I've just given you these verbal emoticons. Thank you for that. Encouragement book hamlets didn't make it through. But you were there for me. It wasn't guessing the temperature. I was just giving you the emotion I start to clinch a little. Ooh. Got up to what was the highest yesterday the day before fifty fifty one? Yeah. And three days earlier, it was fifty one below zero. And now we're in that worst place of all maybe thirty one degrees and precipitation. You get a little. It's tough. And I know comment is taking steps to be ready. But it's one of those things where you know, the outages that come if they come. We'll be small ones sporadic ones, which means a lot of different little places to clean up from tell you. I wonder if what this means is the high pressure from the north is just a little bit elevated by forty two to forty three isobars. We've got a report from Gurdeep that might be. Then maybe it won't be that bad. The temperature will be warm enough. It'll be rain. That'd be nice of you making that up or are you seeing that lets Tom skilling responded. Tom you're on the air. Oh, very good. I've got a dog here. Here's going to start barking. Didn't expect to be called. How are you? John. Tom skilling WGN meteorologist how how worried should we be about this ice storm? Mr skilling. Well, you know, we certainly seem worse. But it's the last time we did a nice storm of substance around here was about ten years ago. And you know, this could put down a quarter inch to a third of an inch of ice. That's no laughing matter. You know, you're you're want to nine and treat it outdoors surfaces, and you know, you've got kind of a skating. So we had a little a preview event last week for a brief period. It was like coating this is a little more than that. It'll start around seven o'clock this evening give or take an hour. Get it on. About ten to twelve hours of precipitation. What's going on here? Got warm air running up over the cold air, you go up to around thirty two hundred seat will be near fifty degrees down here. Ground level. We'll be talking about twenty eight to thirty. So what happens is you get raindrops to form in the clouds. They fall down through the cold layer. And they freeze upon contact with surfaces, and you can get into you know, obviously, some pretty dicey situations with that's on the walking and or travels employed on untreated services. So tom. It seems like most of us can be home in time for the this starts. But if you said ten to twelve hours of precip that could be seven am tomorrow. Is tomorrow going to be the big trouble when it comes to commuting?.

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