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The other is just too gross to will be lovely. Could just imagine very nice. You could put on it to keep it has up okay fair enough jacki weaver. Have you ever seen a ghost. Oh yes right. Tell me all about the ghost you saw. That's not much of a story. I mean. I i guess shortly after my ground died so talking about what age i'm about fourteen fifteen and giving back one night just as you put the light out. I am sure i saw her. What was she doing that creepy. It was why she coming in that time. So is bedtime. That's the problem that's when you sleep. That's a pair. I saw a ghost of my son. When i woke up. And he's not even dead and a disappointed. Even damn i saw when i saw it i thought he must have died in the other talking. About in your focus. He came in he stood by the bed and then he went and stood in the corner. Look to the corner. And i went and he was going on and i reached out and he was completely solid. I reached out and he just was evaporated but he was like a complete. I was asleep. Jackie was asleep. Mine does play chicks sir. Okay oh well that's nice. What did you think she was saying by coming back to say. It's all right. How things that don't understand. Why frightened of ghosts cave. Would light cam freddy krueger. You get but you know if you see someone from from your life going to try to hurt you lure solid form. An ugly do ghost. I don't know. I think i'd come if i'm nothing less she merging but it'd be fun to come back to dick around with people if you don't go slow if and i think i just think someone told me. I think we estimated this before wrongly. I think some fourteen billion people have died..

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