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If he wants to run for election, say as soon as tomorrow, what would he be able to say he's delivered dizzy, have a significant policy accomplishment that he can put in front of the Canadian voters and say, look, I did this. Yeah, there's two or three things. One is that he did change the sort of redistribution of income through family benefits and things like that. And they felt that as a a very significant thing. I think a major thing that he has done is he has moved forward with carbon taxes and climate change plan, which did not exist in Canada for now, the carbon taxes had yet to go in effect in all parts of the country, and that's going to be a real political baffle. But that's certainly a very significant change from the way Canada was running the decade prior to his rival. So those would be two major things. And just thinking in terms of a campaign, if you're looking at Justin Trudeau from the perspective, all Vondry shave from the conservative party Jagmeet Singh from the new Democratic Party, where would they perceive him as vulnerable if you trying to hit Trudeau? Where would you hit him. Yeah, that's a good question. I think. I mean, one of the things they're going to hit him on his, you know, he kind of above you that he doesn't really, you know, worry about the nuts and bolts of jobs, and you know getting people to work and making sure the ordinary person is okay and that he's, you know, so much concerned with virtue signaling and liberal left policies and things like that. That aren't substantiative that he's more of an image man than you know, elbow, grease prime minister. And I think that's definitely the sort of thing that the conservatives we'll go after him on. I think. I think Troodos big effort will be to say the conservatives now are like the conservatives in the past kind of austere kind of secretive and polarizing like Donald Trump in the United States and like Pau populists rambler combo clock with the globe and mail in Ottawa. Thank you for joining us..

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