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Meddles in our streams. enough Clorox Clorox However, wipes wipes if you available available folks need to relax about that, there there isn't isn't our enough enough disinfectant disinfectant utilities I've been spray spray working with available available both Salem anywhere. anywhere. and he went To To wipe wipe well his other foot the the from stench stench the Forest Service. USGS. from last They're very night's effective debate. there. On top of this, I was and there a debate last night our on water. water utilities are actually quite effective at removing those W medals. W E The night. things they're going That was to struggle embarrassing. with are going to be the That was ash ah, minutes and some of in the living history carbon of We've never seen and anything the character like it. of that carbon If well you missed will it, create and I challenges got a lot of e mail from for people them saying they and didn't watch costs it last for them, night. They didn't but want to get consumers the won't in get terms involved of their water in what they thought supply. would be a Malay. And it I don't was. think there's ah, We a have major condensed health risk. it into 23. This's the things you Seconds do at Oregon State for University, you 23 which seconds by And this can I think are to this our can benefit pretty much here in Oregon summarize. and were Uh, much the appreciative entire debate of so the time you don't you're spending have to with sit us here, Dr through Kevin hold Bladen, 90 who minutes, was the associate Plus, professor just Forest enjoy engineering this. resource All right. If it And management department impacts, at according Oregon to zip State it University. the question We is learned just a lot just a few short so left minutes. I hope Vote we can call on you again now here. Doctor impact appreciate always it. Absolutely in gentlemen. The jury happy exhibit to do it. a Hey, I'm Charlie Sanders Leaders or Senator, and I'm bald and I'm Brian I'm Husky, zippy Longstocking and I am also ball. You are indeed also bald. packed Those interest is true. When a It's problem good comes because along, we're the host The you new much podcast ball better talk from the big money Players dip. Network It and I would heart radio. you say And because we're bald, it is? Is that right on that's it? That's the whole thing I mean, the show in is Portland about perception, prominently featured. insecurity, Oh, my goodness. vanity, just So like proud. Human Chris stuff. Wallace I couldn't aren't get radio Oregon, is number right? one for podcast. Oregon, But don't take our word for it. Portland, Find Oregon. ball talk But on the I heart radio it app was or wherever you it was listen his to hold podcasts, Trump the real Proud estate boy's market in thing Portland is hot. So Where does it matter where? who you used Chris, to Paul sell? said. Will you denounce It does white if supremacy? you want And top then dollar, and Joe that's Biden why through you and need we'll to probably, call Nick Shivers you at know, Keller denounced Williams. them. Nick's award Here's how it winning went down. online Add marketing to the platform violence and and a connections number of these cities with the top as we 100 saw in Kenosha. agents in the U. S And as allows we've seen your in home Portland to be seen locally, regionally and nationally, giving today, you I maximum would say exposure almost everything and creating I an see auction is like from effect the left if you wing. need to Not Sell your from home the right. and Oregon So what in do you southwest want to, you Washington. know? Call 503847 Willing to do anything. I 93 want Todo 100 or visit What sir? Nick shivers Do dot it say? com there Do pounding you want to call on him? the door. What They're do you calling want to call on him? the phone. Give me a name. Give It's me the collectors. a problem. It's those Right? Like credit cards. You ran proud up trying to start son. Right? your business. Probably Now. You found out that stand a D b A back hurts and the stand family by. and brings But the pain I'll tell home. you what, Do you remember I'll tell you. hearing What these commercials Somebody's on radio got to do for something over 40 about years, Antifa Ray Reynolds and has the helped left customers Because this get is not millions a right in credit. It's problem no wonder is why that they call this is him the a godfather levy I of credit. directed. Reynolds This is will get left your score above 7 20. right, Do Savannah, you need $50,000? Miss. Just stand back and Offered credit stand by using by. corporate credit. You can finance That's of what business, they say buy real estate inside and stock the under a corporation, television studio taking advantage is of they're numerous about to go tax on here. write Stand offs on back. Ly available Stand to a by. corporation. All right, Now you could meet Reynolds let's on his daily go. webinar at 11 a.m. to Wow. P. M. Monday through I mean, Friday, what a fail or call an epic 800 fail for right 90 there. 41 42 Two. He could Find put it out away. more about his secrets He to could success have put it away. and helping If you said fix you know what and improve all white your credit. supremacists Go to Ray's webinar dot com You know, Stand at 11 AM out. Get or 2 out p.m. of here. I Monday don't through know if Friday he and check out if he, his free, uh, very informative if he misspoke webinar himself or call today, 800 for 90 today 41 the president 40. is saying, Now it's worth. I don't Time even know and who the you'll learn proud a boys lot. are. That's Ray's webinar dot com or call 804 90 41 40. So Everyone's back at home Senator and you're loving Tim Scott, the Knights of Netflix the after racing for the black best senator seed, from South But are Carolina you playing musical chairs? You and sit went down to the to relax, president's shifting aide down today a seat for your kid. Then your spouse comes in in. response And you to all Chris Wallace's scoot over another seat. You need a custom, Chris, But lazy he wanted boy to say sectional, where everyone thank has you their misspoke place. Choose corrected how many because seats you need I and guess who he gets didn't to recline? you should Plus, correct it's it. perfectly sized your room. If he doesn't The whole I fam guess he didn't Damn misspeak. ily will be cool. Let me check She is his Khun Twitter B. feed And here. right now save Have you got up anything to 25% their liberal might know. off, Lazy Meanwhile, boy. Oh, Gavin boy. McInnis, Now it who means was so much more. the founder Hey, guys, of listen problems, up. I one have of the some founders exciting of news. published Multnomah they were Medical watching Clinic this has a new on and a live breakthrough treatment video for stream. e D. That does not require And any they were medication. sitting around You listening heard right. to the president's No pills, speech. no shots, And guys. when the proud If boys you're struggling were mentioned, with boy, the D they and also sick they of the sat pills up called in their chair Multnomah Medical and Clinic, they start get the initial they start medical talking assessment to each exam other. It's and all blood caught flow on tape. ultrasound. Listen, Totally right, free. That's a $300 stand value. back Call and Multnomah stand Medical by. Clinic now, But 503505. I'll tell you what, I'll tell you. What Somebody's 1441 got to do something fix your about CD today, Antifa and Call 5035057441 the left. Certainly. or Really visit online. sit here. What Multnomah do you want to medical call him? Go dot ahead. com Tell me, he said Thes the problem. Okay, Air. Strange pad boys times to stand down and stand It's back. been a crash But we have course somewhere in about how to make do you say, with less. probably stand down stand And if you're by a the small General business command. owner, you've probably had to make He's some the general innovative I changes control. The to manage problem expenses. is Donald. But that energy Do not stand trust down. of Oregon Do not stand way back. have Well, been helping small business owners find ways to increase so they're efficiency they're all and charged reduce costs up now. Hey, you for years. know, they got mentioned they've gone It's what quote we do every mainstream. day, and we can I have help been making you, too. T shirts and they're Yeah, they're Find out making how teachers. They at have a new energy patch trust to wear dot on org's their slash arm. for business. But the president ever heard of him. 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