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Did they'll Fain try and intervene on this particular slaves behalf? You know, was the doctor the sadists and Madame lottery. One of his victims was this man, beaten, this other slaves, so terribly that, you know, Delfin thought that she had to free this person. We may never know. But again, it's it is interesting that there were no rumors of ill-treatment between Madame lottery and her slave during her first two marriages, no rumors of her ever mistreating slaves prior to Dr lottery, and then the rumors start around the same time. She takes her husband to court for spousal abuse by she frees a slave when she when she does that all makes you wonder what was really going on after the official separation Delfin remained to the Royal street address. Her. Her husband is still comes and goes from this place, they're separated, but not like entirely apart. You know, we'll see later this really infamous fire that happens. He was at the residence when all the shit went down that led to their legend. Yeah. So okay, we're gonna we're gonna move forward. Chronologically here a little more in a bit. But we're going to detour into some voodoo who do context that adds to her legend, and and we're going to stay in the same period for quite some time. So how about we hop on out of today's time suck time line? Good job soldier made it back. Ben. Right now, we're going to get to some some gruesome stories accounts of the story, the this pillar of New Orleans horror lore, trillion or stand. Why the accounts of Delfi murder so graphic, and frankly, so strange we have to understand things about voter and hoodoo and and a good way to get into New Orleans voodoo hoodoo is to introduce an important historical contemporary of del fiends, Marie Lavoro the voodoo Queen of New Orleans if you've ever been there, they all kinds of stuff dedicated her certainly a future times that candidate Marie Catherine Lavoro again known as voodoo Queen of New Orleans born in New Orleans September tenth eighteen o one. Just thirteen years. I guess fourteen years after Madame dill Fien, she was the illegitimate daughter of a Freeman of color and Creel mother her connection with Delfin, not well documented, however, it is referencing some dark New Orleans folklore, which I think has to have added to the dark legend of Madame Delphine one story stems from New Orleans painter Ricardo. Who's Daniel.

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