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To sign up for our mailing lists and our newsletter we have our website serious disclosure dot com sl are s disclosure dot com. And you can sign up for free being. We'll let you know we're going to have an event or an expedition under the stars There's also a store were you can get you know the books and if you want. Dvd's other things educational mp threes. The whole meditation course is they are also on the as an mp three file so people want to delve into this more. That's a great resource very very cool. I was gonna ask two last questions. i think. We've only got time for one. Any last words of wisdom stephen. You want to share with people. Yes the main message. I wanna share is do not be afraid and do not buy into the negative narrative go in state in the light of consciousness in what the truth is and join with other people with that vision and when we come together with that vision and that purpose will create a new world. Thank you so much style. You're welcome is great meeting you and hope to see in person sometime. I very much look forward to it so for everyone out there. This is michael sandler. Same be well have fun. Get see five and begin connecting with extraterrestrial civilizations today an above and beyond all else shine bright. That was one of the most beautiful interviews intergalactic.

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