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Held air isn't. The hell there is anyway. So here you have a new guy saying that the burden of persuasions on the nominee. This is going to serve for life. It's update him to convince us that he is worth it. So anybody can come along at any time and say, he abused me sat on top of me laid on top of me is not a boozy was drunk and so forth, and I've been traumatized for thirty six years and that with no evidence backing up can stop everything. And that's. Where we are craft questions. Investigators can craft question. Meanwhile, she doesn't want to show up. She's got an open invitation to show up by the way, not just in public if she wants to testify behind closed doors. They've offered that Grassley according to an anonymous source at CNN Grassley is even willing to go to California to interview her. United States Senate judiciary committee on the road. When's the last time you think that ever had somebody has to have the guts to say it? Rush of e I b network, Leland Conway tomorrow morning at nine on NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S, my friends there is a national mortgage company. That's offering a better approach. It's American financing. Accompany of helpful mortgage consultants are salary based they're not commission based and that's important.

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