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Imagine instead your gently floating through the cosmos on a soft comfy recliner next time relax with the real ginger taste of Canada dry Danny Sullivan KTAR news with sunny skies today it's going to be breezy look for a high of sixty eight clear tonight with a low forty three sunny and sixty nine for tomorrow mid seventies on Thursday back into the eighties for the weekend yeah your weather's brought to you by Howard air weather replace repair call Howard air Paul can be seen out KTA are sports desk good morning Sir used to be a guy by the name of Ricky Henderson right knee always because yeah he was one of the originators of the innovators of third person you know Ricky B. and Ricky so last night you had Ricky Rubio Ricky B. and Ricky yet twenty two eleven assists you had seven steals in the sun's out a big win win against the reeling jazz in Salt Lake City one thirty one one eleven where Ricky Rubio spent many years in as many friends so very meaningful game for him as the book also I twenty four and ten assists deandre Ayton sixteen for the Suns again so Rudy go bare self arguably the sun's best performance of the season definitely top three they looked really sharp and really effective a twenty point win there how about the D. backs it in windows matter it's spring training they lose eleven nine to the giants Zac Gallen gave him a very clean first start through the first two innings and didn't allow a hit didn't walk a batter and one strikeout I mean you look at the town of Izak Allen in a loop weaver guess what they might actually be more effective pitchers this year the Madison Bumgarner will seek and as for bad bad bomb Torey Lovullo says.

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